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Best Social Media Marketing Strategies For Future

Time has changed and so has the manner in which customers buy, producers sell and marketers promote. Of lately, there has been a huge transformation in the form of traditional marketing, adding newer avenues to channelize a product or to be precise, promote a brand.

A major role here has been played by social media. With more than 3 billion users active on social media, marketing your business online over different social media channels would definitely benefit you, but considering the face of competition, it isn’t easy. Also, the fact that marketing trends keep changing year after year, it becomes important for the agencies or the business organizations to keep track of the different marketing techniques trending over social media, at any point in time.

What was on top of the charts in 2019 would not necessarily remain there in 2020 or for that matter, the coming years. Every year tons of trends flood in the marketing sector, replacing the existing one. In order to stay within the competition and sustain your position in the industry, it is advocated that the marketing team of your business keep them updated with the strategies that are proven to benefit the organization in foreseeable future.

Betting on any one of strategies would be wrong as what might work for one, may or may not, weave success for another. Hence, we shape this article to highlight the top seven social media marketing strategies that would fuel the growth of a brand and likewise, the entire organization.

Top 6 Smm Strategies To Invest In 2020 & Beyond:

1.) Focusing On True Engagement”

Social media revolves around the idea of putting up content that adds meaning to the product or the brand. However, with time the algorithm of social media platforms has changed and the content that generated huge traffic a month ago now is just a jumbled word that holds less or no value towards the brand. What we mean to say is, there is an urgent need to modify your content based on the current market trends. As a matter of fact, the updated content must be such that it lures a reader to engage with your brand. The content should seek interaction and must be appealing enough for the customers to do a lot more than just like or comment.

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2.) Prioritize On Creating A Page or A Group:

Uploading content on the home page of Facebook seems to be highly generic. To promote business interactions, Facebook has come up with an all-new feature named Groups. Creating deducting groups for your business or the organization and then targeting the users with product-related content is an excellent way of connecting with the audience. Such groups promote one to one communication with the user, interact and gain significant feedback about the product or the service. Groups enable engaging with the audience on a private level. Instagram, on the other hand, has started a feature of close friends where you can add selected people to know more about the brand.


3.) Collaborate With Micro-Influencers:

Tried putting up ads on different websites or channels? Well, this is the time when you need to shift from advertising on generic webpages to niche-specific pages of Micro-Influencers. Not only are they within your budget, but the audience that they have is apparently, far more genuine and indulge in real-time engagement. Often, influencers offer free campaigns or charge lower than other sites, giving you the ease to promote your brand on their page. Further, it is also seen that connecting with people over generic websites encompass a fall in user count after your ad reaches a significant number. On the contrary, micro-Influencers are digital societies and the members enter into credible collaboration with the marketers. Before you make your decision and jump on to advertising on the page of micro-influencers, make sure you have done your homework right. In-Depth Research on your niche, different influencers, and the recorded engagement rates, all of this would help you determine which one would serve your purpose best.

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4.) Get Rid Of Fake Followers:

You know this is more of a trend. People buy followers to portray that their website witnesses huge traffic. Apparently, there are some “so-called” influencers who fake their profiles by adding fake followers to the total count. Now this might at first seem pretty enticing and good. But, in the long run, the count only decreases with little or no engagement. Meaning that even if the page has thousands of followers, you would not notice any activity with your post, let alone a like or a comment. Last year, there has been a plethora of scams based on the above concept of fake followers. However, a year has rolled by and with the start of a new one, it’s time that your wave of the community of fake followers and embed into one that is genuine and more likely to connect with your brand or organization.

5.) A Shoppable Social Profile :

Another trending feature that promotes social media marketing, Shoppable social is the new normal. Call it the checkout on Instagram or the product pins on Pinterest, the concept of the shoppable social profile has made its way in the market, penetrating deep within the strategies of social media marketing. A recent update made by Pinterest for their product pin feature takes the buyer directly to the checkout page of the product orchestrating the path to closing sales. Similar to the above is Instagram’s explore page. It gives users the ease to explore a product right without having the need to switch pages. The fact that such profiles cut down the total efforts required by a user to initiate a purchase, customers are more likely to engage in buying a product or a service. Pinterest advocates on 40% increment in the click-through rate after the inception of product pins.

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6.) Embed AR Based Apps:

Industrialization 4.0 has altered the face of technology. Augmented Reality revolutionizes the manner in which shoppers buy and sellers sell. However, the technology isn’t limited to apps or websites. The new Facebook feature allows marketers to post ads that encompass the technology of augmented reality. This implies that you can put up ads that allow users to try and use the product and yes, they need not leave the page. If budget is not a problem, then it is the right time to target your customers through AR based ads and witness an increase in traffic and sales.

The Final Word:

Wrapping up the entire discussion, social media would continue to ride as one of the best media marketing tools offering a range of benefits. True that the journey would not be a simple one, however, the repercussions attached to media marketing make it worth trying. If done right, social media marketing has the capability to increase the overall business traffic, leverage the rate of conversion and boost sales. Remember, social media channels are noisy and creating a difference would require tremendous effort. Do your research, perform significant studies, explore your niche and once ready, step in the sea of social media marketing to reap long term benefits.

Nikhil BansalAbout the Author:

Nikhil Bansal is the CEO and Founder of Apptunix, a leading Game Development company helping businesses in streamlining their processes with powerful and intuitive mobile apps. With extensive experience in iOS app development, he has established himself as a highly-focused Solution Architect and UX expert, the one who is always ready to make efforts in the direction where technology blends with lives.

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