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How To Remove Or Strip All HTML Tags In Content Using Pure JavaScript?

Normally on the server-side, you could use a series of PHP functions (such as strip_tags) and remove HTML and ugly formatting. However, if you’re unable to use the server (or you use Node.js) to achieve this task, then you can still use Javascript to do it. In this article, you will find 3 way...

How To Set Or Specify Referring Page Using Pure JavaScript?

Like you are making a web app or writing any program where you need to know that from which page your visitor or use came to the current page then it is possible via pure plain vanilla javascript. The reason will be many behind implementing this logic like to display the personalized experience to t...

How To Export Or Extract WhatsApp Group Contacts To Excel?

Are you a member of a WhatsApp group? Is this a business group or study group? Indeed, does not make a difference at all. If you want to extract all the records of WhatsApp users from a group, it is possible. This question is clicking in the mind of many users that how they can […]...