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7 FANTABULOUS Ways To Gain More Followers On Social Media

7 FANTABULOUS Ways To Gain More Followers On Social Media

Are you hungry for more followers? You don’t have to wallow in the mire because there are a number of ways for you to increase your follower-count. Just follow the tips we have below and you just might hit a million followers pretty soon.

Warning: Some of the suggestions below might cause you some problems if done irresponsibly. What we’re presenting are the ways some people used to create a lot of buzz in order to attract followers. Use your best judgement if these strategies are to your best advantage before trying them out.

1.) Be A Celebrity:

This is the easiest way to attract thousands of followers online—be a celebrity. If you’re already a celebrity, then good for you. All you need to do is to create a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. If you’re not a celebrity, then the best of luck to you. You have better chances of getting hit by lightning than making it big as a sports or entertainment celeb.

2.) Assume A Celebrity’s Identity:

If number 1 doesn’t work for you then you might want to give this suggestion a try. Create an account under a celebrity’s name and assume the identity. Even post a profile photo bearing the likeness of the celebrity of choice. Announce in a post that, “This is the real <celebrity name>, Y’all!”, and watch friend and follower requests soar off the charts.

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This strategy won’t work in the long run because people get smart real fast. But if you’re after just after gaining followers, then this strategy might just be your ticket.

3.) Give Out Free Stuff:

Number 3 works well in tandem with number 1. But you can still do this trick even if you’re not a celebrity. What you do is you post a contest in social media whereby the first follower to give you what you want wins a prize. There are a lot of people who employ this strategy to drum up awareness of a certain brand. You can do this to drum up awareness of your own brand—yourself. And if you’re true to your word and really hand out prizes, you’ll be sure to reach a million followers in no time.

7 FANTABULOUS Ways To Gain More Followers On Social Media

4.) Post A Sexy Photo:

Take Note: sexy photo; not nude photo. The former will give your profile page a lot of hits. The latter will just get you banned from that social media site. If you’re a girl, find a photo of yourself in a teeny-weeny bikini while vacationing in Cancun. Make that photo as your official profile photo and thousands of testosterone-filled males will swarm your profile and follow you. If you’re not confident with your looks, strategically crop your photo to show only your assets—this should still work out fine for you.

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If you’re a man and you just want to rack up followers, I suggest you create an account with a female sounding name. Post a picture of a bikini-clad female model you can get free online and you’ll create an effect akin to number 2. Just make sure you use a believable photo (don’t use photos with high production value).

5.) Be Really Active In Social Media:

This means you have to post, comment, like, poke, tag and all the things required to be considered active in social media. People won’t follow you if you’re not consistently online doing social media stuff. Being active becomes easier because you can access Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using your mobile phone. A lot of people take pictures using their iPhone or Android Phone and upload them right away in Instagram. And for Blackberry users, there are now alternatives for Instagram on Blackberry.

6.) Come Up With One Rant A Month — And Make It Really Controversial:

People like to read rants and raves. So make sure to come up with a rant covering a specific topic. Topics that are easy to rant about but get a lot of hits from followers are: politics, religion, sport and celebrity scandals, racism, global warming and sky-rocketing oil prices. Make sure your rants are controversial to some degree. You can’t expect to gain followers with tame rants. But don’t overdo it. Nobody likes crybabies. A rant a month should be enough.

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7.) Find An Unexplored Niche And Create Groups Or Fanpages:

Think up of a niche that’s not well represented in social media and create groups or fanpages. People like to feel that they belong, and that they are part of something bigger than themselves. By creating groups and fanpages, you’re creating an opportunity to link up with people like yourselves. Once you have a lot of members in your groups, invite these people to be friends or followers into your own account.

These seven steps are sure-fire ways to increase your followers. While we can’t predict by how much, we’re pretty sure it will be significant. Remember, it’s all about creating a buzz. The more buzz you manufacture, the more people will follow.

About the Author:
Keyna Richards is a tech and social media savant who likes to follow and also wants to be followed. So she got out her Blackberry and started taking selfies to post on Instagram. Wondering how she did it? Here’s a hint: she used some alternatives for Instagram on Blackberry.

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