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How Monitoring Your Goods In Transit Can Help You Achieve?

Running a successful business requires you to sell a high-quality product or service. You also need to do plenty of marketing to ensure that your potential customers know who you are and decide to use your services.

But, potentially the most important element is often overlooked.  You need to monitor your goods in transit, this will ensure your products arrive when they should and in the right condition.

This is the only way to gain customer trust and satisfaction, which will lead to referrals. In the modern digital world, this is becoming increasingly important.

What Is Goods In Transit Monitoring:

There are several elements to monitoring goods in transit.

The most obvious is the tracking system. This allows you and your customer to see where the parcel is in its journey. All parties will be able to identify when a parcel will arrive which helps to ensure it gets there when it should.

But, you should also consider the condition of the parcel; this is an important criterion that need to be monitored but is often overlooked.

The simplest way to do this is to use an impact indicator. These are stickers that affix to a parcel and have a colored dot in the center of them. When the dot changes color the parcel has been damaged in some way.

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Damage includes dropping, subject to low or high temperatures, or even excess humidity. These are all things that make a big difference to any parcel, especially one that has electronics in it.

The impact indicator allows you and the customer to monitor the parcel and verify that it has been handled correctly. If it hasn’t the customer is able to reject the parcel and will now the fault lies with the delivery company, not you.


How This Relates To Your Bottom Line:

A business only stays in business if it makes a profit. Damaged goods need to be replaced and this will cost the business money, which affects the bottom line.

But, it does more than that. A damaged product will not be acceptable to the customer, this will lead to a poor review which is likely to lead to other potential customers using a different service.

These are all things that will affect your bottom line and the success of your business.

Just In Time:

With the right procedures in place to ensure any product is handled properly, you can afford to leave posting until the last minute, or post early and save funds in the process.

Monitoring your parcel and ensuring the delivery company is aware that you’re doing this means that you can accurately predict when a parcel will arrive, ensuring that every parcel you send will be there just in time.

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Just in time simply means that the parcel has arrived just before it’s needed. An accurate picture of any parcels progress will ensure that you can minimize the cost of sending the parcel, this creates the perfect balance to keep everyone happy.

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