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Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Principles

During the last few years, the search for the title of this article has grown by over 5,000 percent. So, if you need to know more about the principles behind optimization of conversion rates, you arrived at the proper place. All you need to know? 10 basic principles, and then you can look for CRO service options that’ll suit you best.

1.) Being Fast Enough:

Google research from 2009 says that the slower your website is, the higher the chances are for your users to leave. If the page takes longer than three secs to load, 57% of people will leave it. People expect speed, and they won’t stick around if your site takes too much of their time.

2.) One Page – One Information:

You think you need to put as many offers on your landing page as possible? You shouldn’t. The less options you give to people, the more conversions you will have.

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3.) Simpler Is Better:

Do not stuff your pages with links to everything that has ever crossed your mind and that could interest a visitor. Every page should have a single purpose, and serve it.

4.) Be Clear:

Every page needs to be clear and made for two things – to fulfill the need the user that came there has, and to target people properly. One acronym will help you here – KISS – keep it simple, stupid.

5.) Identify The Right People:

You cannot address everyone at once. So, before you start anything, find out who your audience is. Which group of people are you targeting, and who should be interested in what you’re offering?


6.) Seize Attention:

Your page has only eight secs to get attention. You fail? No sale. Make them feel like the thing you are offering is the thing they need most.

7.) Make Them Want It:

It is not your offer or your product that makes people buy; it is the desire. Every user asks “What is in it for me?” So, your offer must be made to look as if it offers something everybody wants. Happiness, good looks, wealth…

8.) Focus On Their Fear:

Answer this; “What will you save me from?” and you got yourself a customer. It is simple. What will they lose if they don’t use your offer? Will they become poor, be in pain, get embarrassed? Make them think about a problem they have, and offer a solution.

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9.) Get Their Trust:

People will judge whether your website is trustworthy or not within 50 milliseconds! so don’t go cheap on design. An awesome design will make you look professional and people will deem you and your company trustworthy.

10.) Get Them To Talk To You:

A live chat is not too big of an investment, and it has been reported to bring in three times more conversions from those visitors who used it. Get popups to invite them to chat. Once they relate to you and see that you care about their wants and needs, you got yourself a sale.

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