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Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Go About Repurposing A Single Piece Of Content

Content, in the modern technological era, is a very valuable thing, or tool rather, for businesses of all shapes and sizes. All sorts of internet-based company activity is influenced by the presence of or lack of content. From expert search engine optimization to daily blog posts all the way to social media marketing, companies always want to be talking, making noise and taking part in the incessantly bubbling discourse of the world wide web. Content creators, in all of their various forms and media, have been catapulted into an extremely unique position: they’re both under intense pressure, having to create and create and create but also given the luxury of a near endless stream of work and lots of different ways to approach the tasks that do exist.

One problem on the other end of the spectrum is that, from the company’s perspective, content is costly or at least it is costly when looked at from a distance. The constant fast pace of the internet means that new content can be required on a weekly basis and in some cases even a daily basis. This constant cost can feel like a burden. One way that the burden can be lessened somewhat actually relates to how creative you are about your content. Instead of looking at some SEO oriented text as something to post once and then forget about, you have to look harder to examine its true potential. In thinking about how much you can get from a single piece of content you may find that you start to unlock possibilities that will not only save you money but open up a whole side of creativity that you might not have had before. So, without further ado, here are ten clever ways to recycle and repurpose content for your company.

1.) Create Posts From Your Posts:

Imagine a scenario where you have been consistently posting good content to your company blog, or social media account for the past month on a daily basis. That’s a wealth of content and, given how consistently you have been posting, it’s more than likely that the people who have consumed the content have only seen a few of those posts. So, a clever way to create more content without doing ore work is to do a roundup post, a summary of content over the posts of the time period in question. Now, you could choose to do a yearly roundup, a monthly roundup or even a weekly roundup. In fact, you could even do a daily roundup, depending on how much content you have been putting out. In any case, roundups, such as ‘January Top SEO Articles’ can really help make the most of your content and ensure the largest number of people possible see what you’ve distributed.

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2.) Diversify Your Publishing Routes:

If you’re plugging a consistent content stream, it’s easy to get into the habit of letting things become stale and repetitive. You might not have necessarily ever had cause to question certain elements to your content distribution, but the time has come to start. If your company has a bog, for example, to which it uploads content once a day, that presents an opportunity. It doesn’t take very long at all, or any particularly high-level expertise, to see ways in which you can turn a blog post into a Facebook post, or an Instagram post. By diversifying the route you take to publish your content you add a multiplier to the effect of the content which, in turn, adds a multiplier to your value for money.

3.) Write A Book!

Good content is good content, it’s as simple as that. Unless you are (very unwisely) relying on clickbait and short attention spans to get away with shoddy content, it’s likely that all of the articles on your blog/social media/website are of a really good standard. If you want to make more content without making more content, then you can pretty easily combine all of those articles into an eBook or downloadable pamphlet. What’s more, you can sell that eBook to people or use it as a way to coax out email addresses for email marketing or do anything you want with it really!

4.) Start A Podcast:

It’s hardly a huge revelation to point out the astronomic rise in interest in podcasts over the last decade. People find them an extremely easy, relaxing way to ingest information without any trouble and at great speeds. Turning content into podcast content isn’t difficult and the cost of producing a podcast is pretty negligible. It is very much worth your time to explore turning your content into this engaging and distinctly human form.


5.) Draw Out Certain Elements:

If you don’t want to go through the process of transferring entire pieces of content into a different form, you can take a different approach. Often, good content will have to stand out elements that can be drawn out and isolated from their own content. For example, a blog post about the effects of sleep quality on mental health posted by a blog run by a mattress company might include some statistics which, when drawn out and isolated, can be turned into a very interesting infographic that could be posted to the company’s Instagram account, providing some fresh content.

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6.) Channel For Email Marketing:

Content for email marketing is a constant demand for companies and one which can be extremely hard to meet the demand of. One of the justifications for having a customer’s email that companies offer is so they can keep them updated on things. One way you can keep customers updated is by delivering your content directly into their mailbox. It’s a great solution for making more of the content that you are generating whilst also helping the other avenues that you need to funnel content down.

7.) Video Content:

When you create video content, that is one of the times where it is imperative that you are getting your money’s worth. Unlike getting a freelance writer to pen some content for your site of an afternoon, video content often involves many people, across a long time, at a significant cost. This sort of thing usually leads to great content, but only getting the one use out of it is definitely missing a trick. There are lots of things you can do with video content: re-crop it for social media advertising, create GIFS clipped directly from the video for further marketing or even run the video as a traditional advert for your company. At any rate, it’s definitely advisable that you look to recycle video content over and over.

8.) Use For Employee Training:

Employee training is one of those areas that’s a bit of a hassle, but completely vital. When new employees in any field come on board it’s imperative that you give them all the tools needed to succeed in what they are doing for you. Usually, one thing you want employees to understand is what you want your customers’ impressions of you as a company to be. A great way to teach that side is to hit them with the same content that you present to your customers all the time. It’s a smart and highly sustainable tool for building training programs.

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9.) Garner Data:

In almost all industries these days, data is key. It’s an absolutely vital commodity that offers so much to those who have it that its true potential has yet to be fully mined. Every time you release content it serves a purpose from a data perspective which, if paid attention to, gives you so much more than you might otherwise get. So, for example, if you release video content on three different platforms you can learn what platform garners you the most shares vs comments vs likes, which leads to the most clicks through to your website, on which people have the highest attention spans, etc. This data is very valuable and will help to shape and inform everything you release from then on. Make sure you get this second usage out of your content.

10.) Learn From Your Content:

In some instances, companies get content written for them, or videos made, without much of an investment in what the content of the content actually is. This is understandable, particularly if you release content very frequently. However, far more advisable is the idea that you not only know what your content is talking about but look for opportunities to learn from it, by listening to what is written.


Overall, there is a whole range of ways to get serious amounts of additional value from reusing or re-evaluating content for its broader potential. It simply requires some creativity. Hopefully, the list above gives you a great place to start in your search.

Beatrix PotterAbout the Author:

Beatrix Potter has worked content marketing for the past 3 years at Write My Essay. Her writing focuses on ethics and health as well as topics relating to sustainability and the environment. She also has an interest in content development.

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