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Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Successful Blog

Do you want to add value to people’s lives by creating something meaningful? Why not consider starting your own blog? Chances are you have no clue on how to get started. With so much information available out there and everyone suggesting you different things, you are likely to get confused. One thing that should be kept in mind is growing a blog that earns you a steady income takes determination, exceptional research skills, smart decision-making ability and not to mention, careful planning.

Since the rise of the internet, innumerable blogs have been created on different niches. But unfortunately, some of them died out because their owners lost interest or they didn’t have enough patience to see their blog grow from nothing to an endless stream of success.

Becoming a blogger is easy, all you have to do is post content regularly. On the other hand, starting a blog that thrives and continues to grow is something hard to attain. That’s why we are going to walk you through a few effective strategies to help you start a successful easily and quickly.

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1.) Choose A Website Building Platform:

Choosing the right blogging platform is the first step to starting a blog of your own. Now you may be wondering which platform you should choose to host your blog. Well, you must have heard of WordPress; it is one massive platform we can vouch for.

It is considered as one of the biggest blog platforms across the world. It comes with countless plugins, add-ons and innumerable ways to create the layout and design of your blog. Let’s check a few reasons why you should go with WordPress:

  • Setting up your website with this platform is super easy.
  • Availability of numerous themes and layouts.
  • Tons of tutorials out there to help you in case you are stuck.
  • It allows your content to be shared and commented on.

2.) Self-Hosting Or Free Alternative- Which One To Choose?

By ‘hosting’ we mean an online platform that allows your content to be seen by readers. There are plenty of free blogging platforms available on the web. Before you go any further, you need to decide whether you want to go with a free one or pay for your blog.

If you are on a budget, then consider grabbing a free platform. Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr all are free website building platforms. That’s great, no? If you are someone who might give up on the idea or lose interest, it is perfect for you! But, it does have some drawbacks as well. Take a look to find out its downsides:

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A) Getting Your Own Domain Name Is Quiet Impossible:

Having an attractive domain name for your blog is crucial, as it creates a first impression. When you get a free blog, you are not likely to get your own domain name. The URL of your website (web address) will look extremely unattractive. Once you build a blog using free blog services, this is how your web address will look like:


It looks a bit unappealing, doesn’t it?

B) Limits

Another downside of a free blog is you are unable to fully monetize it, as there are some limits. Also, you won’t be able to post all those images and videos that you want your audience to see.


3.) Opt For Self-Hosting And A Custom Domain To Own Your Blog:

To have full control over your blog, make sure you get a paid membership from a website building platform. There are several paid blogging and website platforms out there, you can browse through the internet to find the one that perfectly fits your needs.

In case you have chosen self-hosting, you will not only have to come up with your own domain name but also choose a hosting company in order to get your blog hosted. Once you invest in a custom domain, you are likely to have a user-friendly and professional looking website.

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If you are having a hard time during the set-up process due to unstable internet connectivity, make sure you check out bundles to opt for an internet package with unlimited downloading. It will make it easier to choose your domain name and host.

4.) Choose A Topic Wisely:

Now that you have chosen your domain name, it’s time to think of a unique topic you would like to write about. When you are willing to share content you are truly passionate about, your blog will certainly cut through the noise.

While choosing a topic, you also need to make sure you keep your target audience in mind. Choosing a topic people find useful and interesting is a surefire way to keep them coming back for more. Overall, it’s the authenticity and uniqueness of the topic that helps you earn a loyal group of readers.

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Sean William is a budding designer and aims to be become a content writer. Besides designing, he likes to read informative articles and watch TV shows in the spare time. He uses cox bundles to enjoy unlimited TV streaming and articles online.

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