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The Importance Of Two-Factor Authentication In Cybersecurity

All of us, by default know the theory behind the use of username and passwords for online transactions. Most of us do not really give importance to the security factors while communicating or carrying out transactions online. Login credentials can be easily accessed by the cyber frauds over the internet. To overcome this, additional layer of security is essential. Two-factor authentication is adds extra essence to strengthen security.

Most of the online accounts swear on online security with just password authentication. However passwords are not a tough nut to crack by the hackers. This gives an easy way for the cyber thieves to sneak into your information. This desperately calls for effective security solution and thus the inception of two factor authentication stepped into the world of virtual security to prove your identity a portmanteau way.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)?

Almost all the secured online services ensures the layered level of security for login based accounts that requires login username.  This additional layer of security provided by the eCommerce merchants for their online services offers authentication in two forms called the Two-factor authentication.

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1.) The first level of authentication is very common that is your login password or your transaction password.
2.) The second form of authentication is generated at the moment of any important transaction it can be anything, for example a code sent through an SMS or an email.

Two-factor authentication can be based on any of the following factors..

  • Knowledge factor
  • Possession factor
  • Inherence factor

Two-factor Authentication can be a direct solution to protect personal information and transactions online from the cyber hijacks. Passwords are easily hacked by the cyber criminals. Users choose weak passwords that are easy to remember, at the same time they are easily guessed by the hackers. Users do not generally prefer strong passwords as they are very difficult to remember and they easily forget,  these difficult passwords cannot be guessed easily by the hackers. The second factor of authentication comes to your rescue that helps you to generate a password instantly for that moment of transaction.

The Different Approaches Of Two-Factor Authentication:

There so many additional factors that are used in the two step authentication that are implemented on the basis of “something you know”, “something you have” and “something you are”. Authentication can be also done by verifying the user’s credibility.

  • ATM PIN: This is the best way to explain a two factor authentication. This works on two factors, one is something you own that is your ATM card and the other is something only you know that is the ATM PIN.
  • Biometric Access: This measure of authentication is another best example that stands as the solution to help you carry out safe transaction and safe access of personal devices. Biometric scanning can be finger prints, voice patterns, facial recognition, handwriting analysis and iris scans. Biometric measurements can be strongly recommended for a two factor authentication as it cannot be duplicated.
  • One Time Password (OTP): There is an option that helps to verify the user and the user’s device by generating a Time-based One-time Password which public-key cryptography to encrypt the information and ensures that it is decrypted only by PortalGuard server.
  • There are many ways to authenticate OTP, It can be done through email, SMS, Mobile Authenticator, Mobile Transparent Token and so on.
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Where To Implement Two factor Authentication?

The application of Two factor Authentication in

  1. Social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, etc.
  2. Email accounts
  3. Online banking
  4. Online shopping accounts
  5. Online payment accounts
  6. Online gaming accounts
  7. Online cloud storage accounts

will definitely help the users to stay safe over the virtual space. This can rip down any plausible cyber criminal attacks preventing all the malicious expeditions and other process of online theft. With 2FA, thieves are totally restricted from entering the user’s territory.


The approach of Two Factor Authentication is much appreciated in the online society. It makes the task complex for the hackers to access any important information of the users preventing identity theft and online fraud.

Natasha MirandaAbout the Author:

Natasha Miranda is a Technical Content Writer and SSL security expert from Comodo. Her writings share deeper insights and a vast knowledge on online safety, SSL security solutions on website protection and data breaches.

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