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Tips For Video Marketing: Go Beyond Selling

Do you like being sold something? Doesn’t it feel icky when someone constantly nags and tries to sell you something. You’ll know exactly what we’re trying to put across here if you’ve ever been to a used car lot. Remember the embellished language, the rapid-fire details, and the pseudo-simpatico! Doesn’t it make you feel like a sucker just by listening to all that?

There’s nothing wrong with you! It’s human nature. We hate the feeling of being pressured into anything. Instead we’d rather know what we need to know and left alone so that we make up our own mind. Number 1 reason why you should never think of your marketing video as simply a sales increasing opportunity. It should be more of a way to connect with people on an emotional level. If you nail the video then you will not only gain short-term sales, but will also plant seeds for long-term brand name building.

1.) Don’t Be Greedy, They Are People Not Prospects:

First tip is you have to stop talking to your audience like they’re prospects and start talking like people. Imagine if you could talk to each one of them personally. Would you bog them down with hardest product pitch they’ve ever heard before? Or would you look them in the eye and and talk to them as actual human beings?

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Your marketing video is the closest you’ll ever come to having that conversation. So take it up wisely. The video will be viewed by thousands of people and one individual at a time. Ensure that the tone feels natural like a conversation with a friend.


2.) Describe Their Problems In Detail:

Just like normal conversations are, people are always more interested in listening to people who understand more. As a marketer you must understand that people will never follow you if they don’t trust you. Take your time to describe a customer’s pain points and let them know that you feel their pain.

3.) Make Them Believe You Can Solve Them:

Defining their problems is just the first-half of the equation. In the end you have to present a solution to their pain or they’ll lose interest. Your marketing video should be exactly along these lines. The customer should be convinced that your product can solve his/her problems. They should clearly get the idea how their lives are going to be better. Don’t assume they know already. If your product solves their problem in less time than show them what all they can do with all that extra time.

So, next time don’t try to trap anyone with only the intention to “sell”, just like you wouldn’t want to be yourself. Try to get to your customers on a personal level and you’ll be reaping the benefits for many years to come in the industry.

Dharmendra AhujaAbout The Author:

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Authored by Dharmendra Ahuja. Specializes in creating explainer videos and corporate presentation design that are compelling, engaging and which convert for your business. We with a super talented team of graphic designers and animators are ready to turn your idea into reality.

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