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10 Contemporary Jewellery Labels To Invest In Now

With a drop in cryptocurrency, many people headed back to the old school of investment “Gold”. The pandemic hit most businesses, but somehow the jewellery industry managed to survive. The traditional way of saving money is to invest it in land or gold. The famous and big labels didn’t get affected by any drop or surge in the market. Even the new emerging labels managed to get recognition for their unconventional designs and low making charges.

Traditional jewellery is a pride of any culture. It has a glimpse of designs that depict a particular tradition. These jewellery pieces have a special fanbase. The majority of people who like traditional designs are elderly people. The millennials are mostly attracted by contemporary designs. These designs look cool, and sassy with unique designs. Some netizens are loving the antique and vintage designs also.

Bea Bongiasca:

The label is named after the founder of the jewellery house Bea Bongiasca. The label is famous for its collection handmade in Italy. The founder graduated in jewellery designs from Central Saint Martin’s London. All her designs are inspired by pop culture. She has managed to make non-traditional jewellery with no compromise in quality. All the collections under her label are non-traditional and mainly attract young people.​ The designs are specifically famous for enamel coating over 9kt gold, silver and other precious stones. Bea Bongiasca has managed to gain attention among celebrities like Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, Bella Hadid, and Tessa Thompson.

Marlo Laz:

The label was founded by Jesse Marlo Lowaski in 2014. She has inherited genes in jewellery making from her aunt. Marlo Laz travelled the world and met the artisans around the world to learn jewellery making. She is known for making jewellery from vintage and antique designs turned into modern designs by adding charms and gemstones. You can sense a touch of free-spirited bohemian design with a timeless aura in her jewellery collections.

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Hancocks London:

People with roots in London know Hancocks London for its supremacy in a diamond tiara, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and traditional jewels. Mr Charles Frederick Hancock founded the firm Hancock in 1849 on Bruton Street and Bond Street. The company became a big name after a royal warrant granted by Queen Victoria in 1850. The firm is now run by his descendants. Hancocks London has established its name for conventional jewellery designs. The catalogue is filled with antique and vintage jewellery items. If you are looking for the jewellery with rich cultural and traditional essence, Hancocks London is the right place for you.

Curious Creatures:

The brand name is as quirky as the jewellery designs. Curious creatures are well known for making jewellery with fine and demi-fine designs. They tend to be inspired by antique, modern and ultra-modern collections. This label is more focused on making everyday jewellery that can gel along with every casual and formal attire. The makers do not believe in making a statement in jewellery pieces. The collection is very limited as compared to other labels for now, but they stand their ground on serving quality over quantity.

Meadowlark Jewellery:

Known for their well-thought designs, Meadowlark jewellery crafts designs with love, compassion and devotion. Every jewel piece is curated with emotions to express the true feeling of the buyer. They mostly deal in silver, gold and platinum sometimes embellished with gemstones. You can find artsy necklaces, chains, charms, bracelets for weddings and engagement rings. They have a separate collection of signet rings with antique designs. The headquarters are located in New Zealand but they ship around the globe.


Vanessa Mooney:

Vanessa Mooney established her brand in 2009, all designed in Los Angeles. She is a strong believer in expression. All her jewellery and clothing designs are inspired by different cultures around the world. The brand has managed to feature in big magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, In style, and Glamour. You can easily spot her merchandise on big commercial websites. Her jewellery collection is filled with statement earrings, necklaces, cross pendants, and gold and silver chains with semi-precious to bold and interesting shapes.

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Tiffany & Co.:

Claiming themselves as an iconic heritage, Tiffany &Co. Was established back in 1837. The company made its name for innovative jewellery design ideas. They assured their buyers to give quality jewellery with expert craftsmanship. Charles Lewis Tiffany was the founder of the company and his visionary design of the diamond engagement ring made a mark in history. The Diamond engagement ring became a symbol of love and commitment since then. Tiffany & Co. is a renowned label around the world for its sophisticated, stylish and unparalleled Jewellery.


A high design label with unconventional jewellery, watches and bags. They offer their collections for both men and women. You can explore the label for antique to modern, every sort of jewellery design. The label has a great collection of luxury bags and watches too. The necklaces and rings with embellished gemstones are truly a masterpiece. Every design is made with commitment and expert artisans. The label was established in 1847. Cartier still holds its place for new innovative designs influenced by the present fashion choices.


The founder Gina and Steven launched the label in 2017. The name Auvere means To hold, to own, to wear, to achieve. The label is dedicated to handmade jewellery with 22 kt to 24kt gold. The designs are truly exceptional designs with pure gold and original craftsmanship. Auvere has managed to build a huge following in just 5 years of launch. You can check out this label for gold wedding and engagement rings.

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Khiry was founded by Jameel Mohammad in 2016. He launched this label to challenge the already established big fashion and luxury brands based in Milan and Paris. He devoted all his time and hard work to making Khiry an expression of the beauty, art, culture and heritage of Africa. Since its launch, the label has gained immense popularity for its luxury jewellery pieces. It deals in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and charms all inspired by the unique tradition of Black people.

Diana PattersonAbout the Author:

Diana Patterson is a jewellery blogger based in London, UK. She is passionate about antique and vintage jewellery and loves to blog about ways to style these rare jewels. She also covers contemporary jewellery designs while collaborating with industry insiders and designers like Hancocks-london to get insight on the latest trends.

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