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4 Fantastic Benefits Of Using The Right Automated File Transfer Software

Manual Secure File Transfer Protocol works very well for small businesses with just a few well-qualified users who all work in roughly the same physical location. That description once applied to the vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States, but that’s no longer the case.

Today, even many small businesses are far-flung enterprises with multiple users with various IT comfortability levels. In environments like these, automating your file transfer is usually the way to go. Managed File Transfer has the features your business needs, is very robust, and is also very easy to deploy.

1.) Conserve Administrative Hours:

Sometimes, your IT department is more like a fire department. Instead of focusing on its long-term objectives and large scale projects, these individuals often spend most of their time dealing with sudden employee tech emergencies. These concerns are even more prevalent if, as is the case in most small businesses, your IT “department” is actually only one person who wears many different hats.

Automation covers every phase of a file’s lifecycle. So, rather than treading water and dealing with administrative details, your IT division can move forward and carry your business with it.

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2.) Enforce Data Policies:

Almost all businesses deal with intellectual property, PII (personal identifying information) like credit card numbers, and other secure data. Government regulators, as well as your current and potential customers, expect this information to remain secure. Most businesses have policies in place that govern these areas, and that’s a good thing. However, enforcing such policies on a piecemeal basis is very time consuming.

Automated file management basically places the organization’s compliance department on auto pilot. While there is always someone there to spot red flags and deal with legitimate problems, mundane matters like username/password and file naming are automatically set to your organization’s parameters.


3.) Limit Unauthorized Applications:

Dropbox and other cloud-based storage apps are wonderful tools that make file sharing easier, as are liberal BYOD (bring your own device) policies. Unfortunately, these things also create security risks. The easiest file transfer method is not always the best one, and some of the largest data breaches occur after people misplace thumb drives and other portable storage devices.

Automation largely ends these problems before they begin. The system prevents users from saving files to unauthorized locations. As a result, your organization doesn’t have to face the regulatory and public relations consequences that file- and device-sharing breaches often cause.

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4.) Better Deal With Turnover:

When employees leave, their files do not simply disappear. Instead, in a manual system, IT techs must often spend hours per departed employee locating and distributing files.

Automation effectively ends this chore, just as it effectively ends the aforementioned user “emergencies.” Once again, automation frees up valuable staff hours. This time, automation also helps ensure that the remaining data is reassigned or archived according to the company’s rules in this area.

You’ve invested a lot of time preparing your organization’s data rules to avoid compliance and other issues. Now, you have the chance to automate these requirements and make your company more efficient.

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