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6 Reasons Why By 2020 Your Email Will Not Land In Inbox?

Email marketing has been there on the market over 10 years. Within these years, email marketing has been lots of ups and downs as well as it has gone through numerous modulations. However, with it has existence in the market for so many years, it is clear that emails are not obsolete. In fact, with the passing year it has gained more importance, and in the present day, it is the most efficient marketing channel.

However, if proper steps and techniques are not followed in an email marketing campaign, you might see your emails will start landing in the subscriber’s spam box in the near future. Therefore, today in this blog I will list down the tips and tricks that will stop your emails from landing in the spam box of your subscribers.

1.) Implementing Improper Email Infrastructure:

You must implement the infrastructure for email marketing campaign. One of the most recent emails marketing tools in the market is hybrid email marketing solution. These are front-end solutions whereby you will have to connect your SMTP server with this solution and then start sending out your emails. It is considered that there is a dire need of hybrid solution in the carrying out email marketing campaign as they ensure that your email is getting delivered to the subscriber’s inbox, thereby increasing your email open rate and click through rate. It is a very cost effective email solution as well whereby you will be able to optimize your own email marketing budget. Therefore, it is suggested to use hybrid email marketing campaign.

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2.) Not Aligning Proper SPF And DKIM Records:

Not aligning proper sending domain name while sending out an email marketing campaign to your subscribers will always raise a question about the deliverability of the email to the subscriber’s inbox. The subscribers might not receive the email in their inbox. Therefore, SPF and DKIM records are most important, and these need to be aligned properly while sending marketing emails. This ensures that the emails will lands in the subscriber’s inbox and not in the spam box.

3.) Not Adding Latest Format Of DMARC Records:

You must add the latest format of DMARC records in your email marketing campaign as it will help you to know about the success of your email marketing campaign. Adding the latest format will allow you to know about the email deliverability rate, email spam rate as well as if there is any serious issue with the SPF or DKIM record. Thus, if you find anything wrong with your email marketing campaign, you’ll be able to take proper action to rectify your mistake thereby increasing the chances of your email getting landed in the subscriber’s inbox.


4.) Not Adding Sending Domain To Google Postmaster And Microsoft SNDS:

This is another important task on the part of the email marketer. If you want to know about the health of your business, you must measure the email sending reputation with the mailbox providers directly. Google and Microsoft, both provide this facility and give feedback on the domain spam rate, IP reputation, domain reputation, authentication encryption and delivery error. Therefore adding the sending domain to Google Postmaster and Microsoft SNDS is essential.

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5.) Not Following Proper IP Warm Up Process:

In email marketing campaign, there is a process called the IP warm up process. This process is mainly targeted to those companies who are new to the business world and has just started with email marketing campaign. In this process, you should first start by sending the small number of emails to your list of subscribers rather than sending a bulk of emails in the first go. In this way, you will be able to build a good reputation for your IP address. Once your IP address gains a level of reputation, you can start sending larger volume of emails. However, it is always recommended to follow this process so that your emails always land in the subscriber’s inbox and not in the spam box.

6.) Not Building own Email Sending Reputation:

Building your email sending reputation is a very important task on your part as an email marketer. Being an email marketer; generally, you tend to send your emails through ESPs. This does not allow to you to build your own email sending reputation as they will reroute your email with their third party domain names, as once your email got spam your open rate decrease to multi folds. At any case, you should avoid sending emails through ESPs which gradually hampers building your own email sending reputation. Therefore, opt for SMTP servers more than the ESPs as they allow your business to send emails through your domain name. Building your email sending reputation has a gamut of advantages like verified identity, authenticity and own email engagement.

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We all learn from our mistakes. Therefore, I can wrap up saying that if you follow the steps mentioned above, by 2020 or near future you will see your business growing in leaps and bounds thereby helping you earn a good amount of ROI for your email marketing campaign. Go ahead and implement apply these tips and tricks for your business and see for yourself the development of your brand name over time.

About the Author:

Ankit Prakash is co-founder of EasySendy Pro – a hybrid email marketing solution provider for small and medium b2c businesses. Ankit is a passionate and determined entrepreneur; building internet product and services since 2006.

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