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Becoming The Boss: 4 Tips For New Executives

Some people get to live out their dreams. This may be the case for you if you recently became the CEO of your company. Being a company executive of course comes with a lot of prestige and some substantial perks. However, beyond that, it’s a really big responsibility. You need to be able to lead your company to long term success. If you are feeling a bit unconfident about your new role, here are four tips you should take to heart.

Develop A Long Term Strategic Vision:

A chief executive officer is more than a title in a rigid corporate structure. Being an executive means being a leader on the level of a president or a general at war. Performing this job requires much more than attending meetings and signing paperwork. You need to work hard to develop a strategic vision for the company. This plan needs to extend beyond your company’s short term goals. It should also include long term aspirations for the company five, ten and twenty years into the future.

Design A Name Plate:

As an executive, you also need to exude authority. One way to accomplish this is through a name plate. This name plate should include your name as well as your corporate title. It should sit on your desk and alert everyone who enters your office of just who you are. There are many designs for name plates made out of glass, stained wood and other materials from places like Australian Laser Tech. Design one that fits your company.


Communicate Effectively:

The most important aspect of being a leader is being an effective communicator. As an executive, you need to communicate with a lot of people. This includes the board of directors, department managers, shareholders and low level employees. It also includes suppliers and vendors. It also includes your customer base. Try to improve all your modes of communication including one on one conversation, public speaking, typing memos, giving presentations and more.

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Put Your Mark On Company Culture:

Every company has a culture. It can either be a productive one or a toxic one. As the executive, you are in charge of setting the tone for the entire company. Make sure the company culture you create is one based on ethics, long term profitability and pleasing customers with excellent products and services.

Being an executive certainly isn’t easy. However, if you have a long term strategy, communicate effectively and help to develop a customer centric company culture, you’ll become a much better leader. If you accomplish these things, your company will be more likely to achieve long term success.

Kara MastersonAbout the Author:

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Kara recommends working with a professional like Australian Laser Tech or someone similar to help you get your business looking great for your start-up.

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