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Foolproof Ways On Getting Many Facebook Likes

If you want your business to be noticed on the World Wide Web, you probably know that Facebook is the perfect platform for that. Having over two billion users, you can reach out to a large number of people easily and fast. However, you have 60 million active pages to compete with the number of thumbs up you aim for your page. Because this is considered as an important marketing strategy, you should take note of these tips to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page.

Apply A SMART Strategy:

A SMART or Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely strategy is an effective Facebook marketing approach. Creating this based on the goals you have for your business will make the message of your brand clear to your target market. As a result, you can gain a lot of potential followers and customers.

Here are some suggestions to develop your SMART strategy:

  • Know the audience you want to target.
    You should know the people you want to gather Facebook likes from. They will be the one to draw in more likes, which increases the value of your business. Moreover, you can further improve your strategy through them. Instead of trying to attract all the two billion Facebook users to like your page, you better focus on your target market.
  • Familiarize yourself with the pages you are competing with on.
    Keeping your enemies closer does not only apply to people. You can use this strategy on getting likes. By observing your competitors, you can learn what methods work and what methods you should avoid. Taking their ways into consideration will make you understand what your market wants.
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Develop A Great Page:

This is the most basic but often overlooked method. A page with many likes has updates or latest posts. Your Facebook page has many elements, so you must be able to utilize each element by making it look complete, direct, and professional. Take note of some of these reminders to create an attractive page.

  • Maximize the About section of
    This part of your page is where customers get an idea of what the company is. They can search about the contact details at this part. In addition to that, you can give a brief description and the history of your company. You also establish the integrity of your brand in the about section. Moreover, the SEO will likely improve since many people might check out your page’s profile.
  • Choose your cover photo and profile photos well.
    The profile picture and cover give the first impression of your brand. For the profile photo, you can put the logo of your company. Nevertheless, it is really up to you what photo suits best. The profile and cover photos should be able to sum up what your brand is all about so that the users can take interest with your page. To make your page look more organized and professional, consider the measurements of the photos. If you want a more modern page, you can opt to put a cover video instead of a photo. You just need to make a 20-second long video that follows the size of a cover photo.
  • Pin a post that is top-notch on your page.
    For your post that has the most likes, you can pin it on your page so that it can stay longer though newer posts will be added. What happens when you pin a post? It stays on the top part of the page, so it is noticeable. However, do not pin the same post for a long time. Keep it updated and fresh in order for people to keep on going back more.


Make Your Page Search-Friendly:

This is fundamental since people won’t know that your page exists if they cannot search it. The following are some tips to make users locate your page easily:

  • Choose an uncomplicated page name.
    Your brand name is the best page name you can come up with. Keeping it as simple as that will make it easier and more convenient for people to search for your brand. Do not use other keywords since it can give the impression that your page is illegitimate.
  • Create a username that is easy to remember and consistent.
    Your username can be seen on your Facebook’s page URL. It is advisable that you use the same username for other social media accounts so that people can easily connect the username with your brand. Therefore, make sure that the username and brand name are closely connected.
  • Put a Facebook icon that directs the user on your page on your blog or website.
    Not all Internet users can be directed to your page; hence, it will be helpful to add a Facebook icon. If they have interest in your blog or website, they want more from your brand.
  • Advertise your page on other social networking sites.
    If you have other social media accounts, you must take advantage of them by promoting your brand. Choose an image or video that best encapsulates your brand so that more users will take notice. They will most likely ignore if you just attach the link of your page
  • Never underestimate the power of Facebook
    When your posts are shared, chances are you will get more likes. This is also good for your brand since people can relate to your posts that they have to share it with their network of friends. As a result, you get more exposure to more potential people who will like your page.
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Interact With The Users Who Like Your Page:

Aside from putting updated posts on your page, you should encourage your followers to leave comments or reactions. Because Facebook is a social media platform, it is important to interact in order to have increased shares and likes.


Finally, Facebook is hard to ignore in digital marketing. Just open an account and take advantage of reaching out to many members of Facebook. To use it successfully in terms of increasing likes, you can try the methods that are given above.

Divine FosterAbout the Author:

Divine Foster is a Content Writer of Buy Real Marketing who focused on Facebook marketing on how to Increase Facebook likes and She has written this article to create content that’s vibrant, refreshing to read and that inspires readers to take action. She is a great marketer have immense empathy and highly skilled writer and a pleasure to work with.

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