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5 Ways To Use Technology To Stay Ahead Of Competition In 2018 And Beyond

Modern technology has put a limitless amount of information at our fingertips. In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with a limitless stream of information. In this new world, it can be a daunting task to stay ahead of the competition. This article will explain how to improve your focus and stay productive using the five of most innovative and groundbreaking technologies of 2018.

1.) The Internet Of Things (IoT) And Your Business:

Smart homes and the Apple Watch have made our personal lives more manageable. Likewise, IoT innovations such as smart cars are making business simpler and more efficient. The Internet of Things is the connection of electronics other than computers and smartphones to the world wide web. It has the potential to revolutionize a variety of fields, including healthcare, logistics, and many others. Boston Consulting Group forecasted the IoT market to reach a capitalization of $267B by the end of the decade. In addition, 24 billion non-computer devices will be connected to the internet by then.

2.) Big Data, Bigger Potential:

Big Data analytics can compile a massive amount of account data or even map the human genome. An auto part company can use analytics to collect massive amounts of data on cars that would otherwise be ignored without big data.

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Geneticists can decode the complex components that make up a gene with unprecedented rapidity. Health professionals can use this data to screen for and cure diseases. Moreover, when big data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed by multiple users across a network.

3.) Using Cloud Computing To Stay Productive:

Cloud computing comes in three forms. We will go over the first two forms briefly and then go onto the third at length, as the third is the most useful to businesses.

Software-As-A-Service (Saas):

The SaaS delivery model is pretty commonplace for most of us. As consumers, we likely use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Apple’s iCloud in our daily lives. These clouds allow workers to use the existing software on any computer. They are accessible from any Internet-linked computer; SAAS is the easiest of the three to use and is often free.

Platform-As-A-Service (Paas):

Cloud providers can make entire platform available to users to be able to create their own software applications. Google App Engine, Salesforce’s, and Microsoft Azure are examples of this. Platform-as-a-service is most useful for software companies and not incredibly useful for others.


Infrastructure as a service (or IaaS) is a valuable cloud computing tool for business owners and their employees. In this setup, all computing resources a business needs on a virtual platform. Think of a virtual machine, only scaled across an entire network. Multiple users can take advantage of IaaS. IaaS allows users to utilize cloud services on any hardware of their choice.

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Rather than being limited to what is on your flash- or hard drive, company cloud services can increase productivity by making content scalable across a firm. Whereas a dedicated or stand alone bare-metal server solution is explicitly used by one customer, a virtual server is more flexible and reliable.

Infrastructure-as-a-service is offered from a data center directly to business clients. Multiple employees can use them, and IaaS is a very flexible technical innovation. Unfortunately, one of IaaS’ problems is the security issues that can develop. That is why cybersecurity is also a vital technology for businesses.


4.) Cybersecurity:

Last year’s Equifax hack roiled consumers, creating outrage at one of America’s oldest existing companies. The company was hacked in May of 2017, but the board decided not to alert the public until they had sold their stock for a profit.

Equifax could have taken necessary steps to prevent the attack that compromised the data of nearly half of the United States. Instead, they were negligent, and their reputation suffered as a result. By learning from Equifax’s major mistake, your company can avoid the pitfalls it went through.

Your business likely does nearly everything over the internet, from direct orders to invoices. You would not give someone the keys to your business’ physical location. So why would you not secure your business’ digital space?

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One of the simplest ways to secure that area is to create strong passwords. These passwords should include letters, numbers, and special characters. They should be case-sensitive and should change every quarter. Enabling two-factor identification is also a wise choice.

5.) Voice Control Tech:

Voice-control technology creates a more intuitive interface for employees, managers, and owners alike. Rather than having a point and click on icons, you can directly ask your device to, say, print out an expense report.

As voice recognition technology improves, it can be more deeply integrated with some of the tech trends we are discussed before. Voice control technology has the potential to increase productivity and accessibility for workers with and without disabilities. When coupled with the internet of things (or IoT), voice control can make your company stand out by leaps and bounds.

Information technology has solved many of humanity’s problems, but it has also presented us with some daunting challenges. This article is intended to arm businesses with enough knowledge to both take advantage of the former and defeat the latter.

The trends shaping business technology in 2018 can help them improve their focus and build a business empire, which is why it essential to be aware of them today.

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