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Top 10 Best WordPress Drag And Drop Page Builders

WordPress is the management’s system of the contents by free and open software to create beautiful, attractive blogs, apps, and website. WordPress was introduced by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on 27 May 2003. There are about 60 million website users, who manage their content by using WordPress. At the same time, you get free and priceless content designs, beautiful themes and powerful features. By the help of WordPress, you can create whatever you want to manage in your blog and website without any charge. WordPress has a license of free software foundation to provide free MSC to blogs, websites, and apps. There are almost 27% of top 10 million websites that use WordPresses to maintain their contents and make them attractive. By the help of WordPress, you can edit your page, blogs, and websites to make them more beautiful.

There are many plugins that are available for the use of blog, websites and content management. It helps you to edit your pages of websites, blogs, and apps without wasting time and money. Here we will tell you about 10 best WordPress drag and drop page builder which will help you to choose best one for you.

1.) Upfront:

Upfront is the best drag and drop page builder for page editing and let you drag, position, scale, customized and edit in actual time with fun. It is easy to make simple websites within some texts and images. It also supports your widgets and galleries, buttons and images. You can add Google maps, parallax, mega slides and full-width video to your websites. It is free of cost for install and upgrades.

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2.) Fastline:

Fastline provide freedom to add and edit elements on your page too fast and intuitive. It also provides search options for new elements to add to your pages. Fastline save your time from switching back and again editing as well as the low price for the upgrading. The cost of Fastline is free or upgrades at $ 49.

3.) Velocity Page:

VelocityPage offer you wonderful page template for your web page. You don’t need to waste your time now because VelocityPage saves your time and save your money. It works to robust the product potential. Use velocity Page to create beautiful website pages. The cost for the use of VelocityPage is $ 97.

4.) Visual composer:

The visual composer has many themes to sale on ThemeForest and due to this facility Visual composer is the popular plugin among the website. Its feature includes about 40+ content elements for complex layout. You can use Visual composer at $ 30.

5.) Aqua Page Builder:

Aqua page builder provides you the opportunity to create templates with variation as many as you can by the using drag and drop. It helps you to create intuitive pages. The cost price of Aqua page builder is free. Means you don’t need to pay for creating any page.


6.) Page Builder By Site Origin:

Page builder by site origin also lets you create beautiful pages using the widget and can drag and drop with the layout. It also works with your existing widgets, apps, and images. You can use page builder by site origin to edit the web page or blog page. It supports your widget and images which exist previously. Page builder by site origin is easy to use and edit your pages for blogs and websites. There is no charge for Page builder by site origin.

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7.) WR Page Builder:

WR is straight and forward backend drag and drop tool which provide your responsive layout. WR page builder has a live preview mode to save time from switching back and video forth. It supports widgets, full page elements and works for post and page both without any issue. There is no cost, as well as its upgrade, is available.

8.) Motopress Content Editor:

Motopress content editor offers you easy front-end and backend editing both. The plugin provides an option to “moto press content editor” button to switch easily between front-end editing and the backend editing. Motopress content editor helps you to edit the page and also offer you to create pages of different themes. Motopress supports custom type posts like WPML compatibility, build in elements like sliders, galleries and so on. Motopress starts its license from $ 29 per year.

9.) Live Composer:

Live composer provides you fluid front-end editing without any charge. You can add images, galleries, texts with style, add row and column for the layout. You can drag and drop from the pane at the bottom of the page. The live composer is easy to use and provide good and variety of themes for editing of pages. There is no cost for use of Live composer.

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10.) Divi: Drag And Drop Builder Plugin:

Divi- Drag and drop builder plugin is an elegant theme based plugin. It offers you backend editing and you can add images, texts, rearrange them and re-sized the elements on your page. The drag and drop builder plugin appear below the regular text editors. You can add or creates a row, columns, tabs, boxes, and add modules. Drag and drop builder plugin is free of cost.

To make your contents of blogs and websites you can take help of WordPress. WordPress is an easy way to make your blog or website beautiful by editing. The plugins are available now for the front-end and backend editing. Some of them are free of cost or some have cost. You can install any plugin according to your choice and requirements of the blogs or websites. Here we discuss the best WordPress drag and drop page builders. There is some plugin which let you edit front-end or backend to create your layout. You can also add rows, columns, images and texts to make your editing more beautiful. To get more traffic on your website or blogs use WordPress and plugin and edit your page before posting. Some plugin provides you their work before posting means page and after posting.

Sarah ClarkeAbout the Author:Sarah Clarke is a front-end WordPress developer for WordSuccor Ltd., a reputed company in providing website customization services. She is an admirer of sharing her innovative ideas with others on the web related to new web design and development technology trends. If you are about to hire a professional WordPress Developer Sarah can prove to be your right choice.

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