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Is DDoS Protection A Must Have Hosting Option?

The types of attacks that attempt to making a certain online service unavailable by overwhelming it with the use of traffic from different sources are popularly known as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). This is an attack that usually targets wide and essential resources which is typically from a bank to a news website and then they will present potential risks that will force people to make an access and publish important data or information.

For online business, server hosting is one of the most essential things that has to be done by a website owner and to secure websites is a must for everyone when choosing an ideal provider. It is one triggering idea for the question – how important is it to consider DDoS protection to be the part of a hosting option?

How To Ensure Proper DDoS Protection?

The fact that there is tough competition among different online businesses truly requires securing websites and make this ensured at all times as the possibility for DDoS attacks could happen from anyone – your competitors, disgruntled customers or any kids for fun! In most cases, hosting a website using an anti-DDoS attack protection system can be a good option for making a website secured. There are different anti-DDoS solutions on the market which will ensure that your website is protected from any possibility of being attacked by DDoS. So far, most of these anti-DDoS programs are guaranteeing customers with full security features for avoiding any DDoS attacks along customer applications online.

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Over many years that many unsecured websites experienced DDoS attacks, the idea of making these anti-DDoS systems in place leads for many online businesses in the market to secure their websites through tools that are capable of handling attacks which will be beneficial and ideal option for hosting.
To protect hosting, it can be by means of using DDoS protection systems that will avoid hosted services that are under great risk for the devastating threat of cyber-attacks. Its disastrous effect for one particular issue may lead to infecting other issues such as the potentially damaging services, service degradation and some of the latency issues.


DDoS And Server Uptime:

Different virtual servers with DDoS are expected to have the attacks which will be very disastrous with the whole system of the website. Anti-DDoS protection provides an undeniable benefits. All of these anti-DDoS services ensure 100% uptime – this is done by filtering all malicious traffic at hardware level and just allowing clean traffic to go through the web server. Dedicated servers with DDoS protection is the most robust solution which provides enhanced performance with dedicated resources like CPU + RAM + HDD / SSD + dedicated uplink port of 1Gbps.

Some Tips On How To Avoid DDoS:

If you are looking for a limited traffic website / gameserver, you can also consider DDoS protected VPS or virtual private servers – they can be Windows-based or Linux-based. This is beneficial to use in terms of providing high performance data with an automatic backup – preferably a daily automatic backup solution for avoiding any accidental data loss. In addition, it is also recommended to block all unused ports in your firewall (hardware or software firewall). If you wish to enjoy a cheap server hosting solution that is capable of providing DDoS protection, you can consider using Windows VPS or Linux VPS as this will truly keep you on the right track 24/7.

Greg RockwoodAbout the Author:Post by Greg Rockwood – a PR and marketing manager at, an established provider of quality and affordable DDoS protected VPS hosting solutions for online businesses around the Globe.

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