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The Best Wedding DIYs That Will Save You Money

Weddings are often considered one of the most significant yet expensive events in a person’s life. However, with some creativity and effort, it’s possible to have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank. DIY (Do It Yourself) projects offer a budget-friendly solution and add a personal and unique touch to your big day. Here are some of the best wedding DIYs to save money while creating an unforgettable experience


Wedding invitations can be one of the first expenses that quickly add up. Designing your invitations can save a considerable amount. Numerous online templates and software can assist even the most design-challenged individuals. Once the design is complete, consider printing them at home or using a local print shop for bulk deals. Add personal touches with some embellishments, like a ribbon or a wax seal, and you have custom invites at a fraction of the cost.


Centrepieces are essential for elevating the look of your reception tables, but they don’t have to be extravagant. Simple, elegant centrepieces can be made from items found around your home or bought inexpensively. For example, mason jars, wine bottles, or old books can be repurposed. Fill jars or bottles with fairy lights, flowers, or candles to create a charming and romantic atmosphere. If you’re more into rustic decor, consider using wood slices, pinecones, or burlap to achieve that cosy feel.

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Fresh flowers can be expensive if you choose out-of-season blooms or exotic varieties. If you have the time and space, consider growing your own. Another cost-effective option is to use silk flowers, which are available throughout the year and can be arranged well before the wedding. Combining a few fresh flowers with more affordable greenery such as eucalyptus or ivy can also create stunning arrangements.

Wedding Favors:

Wedding favours don’t have to cost a fortune. Homemade treats like cookies, jam, or even small potted plants are thoughtful and appreciated gestures that won’t break the bank. You can also customize items like candles or soaps with labels that include your wedding date, and a thank you message for a personalized touch.


Wedding Cake:

Custom wedding cakes can be incredibly pricey. A cost-saving alternative is to bake your cake or have a talented friend or family member do it. For those not up to baking, consider having a small display cake for the ceremonial cutting and serving sheet cakes to the guests. This way, you still get the traditional cake-cutting photos without the hefty price tag.

Venue Decor:

Personalizing your venue’s decor can significantly reduce costs. Use string lights, banners, or paper lanterns to create a whimsical setting. Repurposing old windows, doors, or ladders makes for incredible rustic decorations. Additionally, consider DIYing your wedding arch. With some sturdy branches or an old arch, you can redecorate it, and with lots of flowers and some fabric, you can craft a stunning focal point for your ceremony.

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Bridal Party Gifts:

Making your bridal party gifts can be a heartfelt and affordable solution. Handmade jewellery, personalized mugs, or custom photo albums can make memorable souvenirs for your bridal party. These cost-effective gifts will also hold sentimental value for your friends and family members.

Guestbook Alternatives:

Instead of opting for a traditional guestbook, get creative with alternatives. You could have guests sign a canvas or a photo frame to create wall art for your home. Another fun idea is to have guests sign Jenga blocks or a puzzle piece. These can serve as lasting souvenirs you can use and enjoy for years.

Hair And Makeup:

Professional hair and makeup are often among the significant wedding expenses. Consider doing your makeup or asking a talented friend to help you out. With the vast number of online tutorial videos, achieving a picture-perfect look has never been more accessible. Practice well before your wedding day to avoid any stress or last-minute surprises.


Hiring a band can be costly. Instead, create your wedding playlist and manage the music via a laptop or smartphone connected to speakers. Plenty of playlists are available online to get you started, or you can curate your own to personalize your day. For added fun, consider setting up a photo booth for guests to take their photos.

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Crafting elements of your wedding day allows for a personal touch that mass-produced items can never achieve. Best of all, these DIY projects can save you significant money. Not only will you enjoy a sense of accomplishment, but you’ll also add unique, personal touches that make your big day even more special. So roll up your sleeves and get creative for a wedding that reflects your style and love without compromising your budget.

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