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Instagram Versus Facebook: Which One Serves Your Brand In Best Manner?

Whether it is about promotion, brand identification, reputation, or marketing, Facebook has continued to be the epitome of all in past 7-8 years.  Apart from commanding the largest user base, it is also one step destination for best pictures, gifs, videos, posts, brand information, and so forth. Even if someone needs to download Facebook videos is a second most popular place after YouTube. However, with the passage of time there are several other channels that have come up including Pinterest, Instagram, and several others.

Out of all new channels, Instagram is the new kid that has been successful in attracting most users and posing a competitive challenger position in front of Facebook. It timing, content, reach, and functionality is amazing and the best part it is ahead of all other platforms in being the most user-friendly app for those looking for socialization through mobiles.

The war among social networks is now not for gearing more space on monitor or laptop screen but on being in preferred apps lists of mobile users. The same goes for promoters as well.

So, to clarify the difference as in which social platform works better for brand building, here is a close comparison between the most prominent and popular social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook Statistics:

  • 4 billion month to month consistent clients
  • 655 million month to month active clients that come only through mobile.
  • 65% of Facebook videos get accessed only through cell phones
  • 40 million private companies have Facebook Pages
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Instagram Statistics:

  • 300 million month to month clients
  • 75 million day by day clients
  • 20% of Internet clients are on Instagram
  • 27% of the US populace uses Instagram
  • 47% of Instagram clients get to the application on their mobile phone and 53% on their tablet



One of the principal differences that hops out is Instagram’s more youth oriented user base. The more established era truly isn’t dynamic on the application. A greater part of Instagram clients are under 30, and many are in their high schoolers. This is extraordinary for organizations attempting to achieve a more youthful statistic. Facebook then again has been losing its share of high schooler clients. Amongst Fall and Spring of 2014, the quantity of high schoolers utilizing Facebook tumbled from 72% to 45%.

A similar review additionally found that 38% of teenagers said that Instagram is an ideal showcasing channel versus 21% for Facebook. Part of the move needs to do with the more youthful shoppers’ craving to be onto the following pattern before long. We’re beginning to see new informal communities appear a considerable measure faster nowadays and the sparkling article disorder is just excessively enticing.

It won’t not be such a large amount of an instance of individuals being burnt out on Facebook as it is they simply need to utilize the more current applications accessible.

Engagement Level:

he beat advantage that Instagram has over Facebook, as well as each other online networking channel, is engagement. A review via web-based networking media engagement took a gander at more than three million user communications with more than 2,500 brands on seven interpersonal interaction locales.

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Six out of the seven online networking destinations including Facebook and Twitter had not exactly a 0.1% engagement rate. The seventh informal community was Instagram, which had a shocking 4.21% engagement rate. That is 58 times the engagement rate of Facebook.


This comparison would not be complete without finding how every social platform is utilized. We’ve built up that Instagram is picture based, however the distinctions go past that. Facebook is to a great extent enlightening. You can discover things about an organization through its Facebook Page whether it’s business hours, an address or up and coming occasions.

Facebook is centered around on content since it’s information driven. That is the reason it takes more time to make a profile on Facebook than it does on Instagram. They fill diverse needs.

Instagram is about catching minutes. Individuals don’t open Instagram to discover your organization’s business hours or to check whether their companions have been to your store. They utilize Instagram to lock in. There’s no other reason for the application. That is the thing that makes it so compelling for building your image and picking up notoriety. It actually fits getting content spread. When you go out to eat and the menu has 50 unique courses to browse, it takes you a great deal longer to settle on a choice and to make a move.

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In any case, when you go to a place that spends significant time in just a couple select dishes, you settle on your choice a great deal snappier. Facebook resemble the eatery with 50 distinct choices. There’s so much you can do from informing to playing games and watching videos. Instagram resemble the burger put downtown that serves two things, burgers and fries. It doesn’t give you a chance to get occupied. However, you can download videos from Instagram as well as Facebook.


With respect to reporting, tracking, as well as creating campaigns, it is Facebook that takes edge. Instagram is yet to open its doors wider for advertisers and marketers. Facebook is a paid platform that laser targets your customer base and helps in keeping a check on your ROI for every campaign. Au contraire, Instagram allows you to track your campaign personally. Facebook can’t be a replacement for Instagram and vice versa. You just need to identify your audience and decide the content you wish to post.

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