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Highlighting Reasons Behind App’s Rejection By Apps Store

Does your application get rejected by application store? Then, this means you probably not aware of the aspects that most of the app stores, such as Google play store, iTunes (Apple store) and others are using to judge that whether the app should be published or not.

In order to standardize the application store and enhance user-experience, many apps’ stores have implemented some imperative rules that should be followed by all the development teams and organizations. What are those aspects that many application stores are using? Here are those aspects.

1.) Application With Error Or Bugs:

Most of the users publish the application having bugs and runtime error. This causes rejection of the app by application stores. The app stores do not allow the publication of the app with bugs. Therefore, before publishing the app, test everything thoroughly and make sure that there is no error.

2.) Imperfect User Interface:

Many developers do not take care of user interface and hence, they code the substandard interface. The application, which is having substandard interface is rejected by the apps’ stores (especially iTunes). Thus, in order to save from being rejected, the developers should follow all the imperative guidelines for creating the perfect user interface.

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3.) Placeholder In App:

The application stores reject the app that comes with placeholder because the application that is having a placeholder is considered incomplete or underdeveloped. Owing to this, the apps’ store do not allow the app developers to publish the app with placeholder content on their stores.

4.) Non-Functional Links:

The unbroken links in the application lead users to bad experience, therefore the application store tests that whether app is having a broken link or not. On the basis of this, it allows the users to publish the app. The app developers should check every link in order to make sure that no broken link is left in the application.

5.) Improper & Incomplete Description:

The developers sometimes do not consider developing the description content properly that create hassle for the users, while using the app. Therefore, many online application stores reject the app. In order to prevent the rejection due to such kind of reason, the developers should prepare content that clearly showcases each functionality of the application.
Incomplete Information

6.) Error In Advertisement Features:

If the application comes with IDFA (Advertisement Identifier), but does not showcase the Ads or presents the Ad in improper manners then, that application will be rejected by the store. Thus, it should be taken care that the Advertisements are working fine, so the chance of rejection becomes minimum.

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7.) Not Performing As Showcased:

Many developers highlight those features in the application that are actually not there in the application. This misleads the users, which is against the policy of online app stores. Therefore, the developer should showcase those features that are actually inside the application.

8.) Submitting Application With Same Feature & No Added Value:

Submitting more than one app having similar features and functionality can maximize the chance of rejection. Therefore, it is imperative for every developer to make sure that they are not submitting any application that is similar to their previous application or very much similar to app by other development organizations.

In some cases, the application that does not have any valuable content and feature is also rejected by the application stores. Thus, all the developers should design the app in such a manner that it has proper content and features.


In order to make seamless acceptance of the application, every developer has to take care of above given factors. If you have experienced the situation (apart from the above)   that lead to rejection of your app, then you can write to us via comment section given below.

Ashini SharmaAbout the Author:Ashini Sharma is an application developer at AppsChopper, an esteemed company for mobile app development. She likes to share & write about innovative concepts regarding application designing and marketing. Her blogs & articles are now being used by professionals, who have been associated with mobile industry for many years.

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