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The Taxi Industry Today: Taxi App Development Costs And Features

Well, if you are looking forward to building the taxi booking mobile app and wondering about what features to include in the app then let us make things easier for you. Firstly, when it comes to developing a taxi booking application, there are three modules you need to work on, the Admin, Driver and, Passenger.

In short, you need to make sure that you develop an app keeping all the aspects in mind that eases functioning for all three modules.

So, let’s discuss the key taxi app features to be included in each module individually.

Features To Be Included In The Admin’s Module:

Admin is basically the spine of the application you are developing, as he/she will be enabled with the authority of managing both the Driver module and Customer module.

Let’s have a glance at what features make mandate inclusion in the Admin module.

  • Log-in: Log-in makes the essential feature for all three modules.
  • Dashboard Analytics and Management: With Dashboard Analytics, you can provide the Admin with the view of statistics, Analysis of bookings made, bookings canceled, etc. Also, let the Admin manage the dashboard containing the drivers, customers, and company status. All these stats and analytics will help make changes and enhance the services.
  • Driver Management: Allow the admin to track and monitor the driver activities in real-time also enable the admin to keep an eye on destinations, and make changes like adding, updating or removing a driver. Let the Admin manage the driver’s profile with any relevant certification.
  • Customer Management: Allow the admin to manage the user requests, respond to them and interact with the customer base providing all support in their journey.
  • Pricing, Payment options, and Invoices: Give admin the right to manage the payment options and all aspects related to payments, managing invoices of both drivers and customers, and also set the price for a distance.
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Features To Be Included In Driver’s Module:

Since the Driver also makes a vital part of your business, providing him with all the helpful resources and features for easy access.

Below is the list of features you can include in Driver’s module to help things go smoothly.

  • Registration and Login: Let every driver interested in your business go through an easy registration process followed by the login.
  • Responding to Ride requests: Give your driver the right to accept and reject the ride requests.
  • GPS tracking: Enable GPS tracking to both drivers and customers to help them reach each other.
  • Fare Calculator: Including a fare calculator helps drivers and customers estimate the fare of their journey and accept or reject the request.
  • Message Alerts: Providing a message alert feature helps admin let the drivers know about the future bookings, schedule, and updates if any.
  • Payments and Receipts: Allow the driver to receive the payment in various methods and send the e-receipts to the customer after completion of the ride either on the app or the customer’s registered email-Id.
  • Feedback: Allow both the customers and drivers to express their opinions and rate each other after the ride.
  • Customer contact: Provide the driver with the customer’s registered contact in case of any issue or in order to reach the pickup location.
  • Offers: Let both customers and drivers avail offer for their rides. This can boost the interest on both sides.


Features To Be Included In The Customer’s Module:

Believe it, or not, the customers make the “make-or-break” factor for any business. So, make sure you provide the complete comfort to your customers in the sense of features and functionality through your taxi app.

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Get some help from the below list of features to be included in the customer’s module of your taxi app.

  • Registration and Login: Design a simple registration process followed by the login.
  • GPS tracking: Enable GPS tracking to help the customer view the route to destination and time to reach as well.
  • Selecting the car type: Allow your customers to choose the type of car they want for their journey depending on the number of people.
  • Setting up location and destination: Enable the customers to set-up the current and destination location.
  • Selecting/adding the payment method: Give the customers the option to make the payment in a favorable method.
  • In-built contacting: Enable in-built messaging interface for driver and customer to contact each other.
  • Fare calculator: Help the customers estimate the ride cost before the booking.
  • Pooling option: With pooling options enable the customers to travel along with others and split the bill.
  • Rate and Feedback: After every ride, suggest your customer rate the driver and provide the feedback of their trip.
  • Help and Support: It is important to provide the help and support option for the customer to help them reach the authority in case of o any mishaps or issues.
  • Refer and Earn: Enable the refer and earn option for the customers to boost your user-base.
  • Offers and Coupons: Offers can be a great way to lure the interests of customers and make business.

List Of Few Advanced Features That Stand Out:

Here is a list of some advanced features you can look forward to including in your taxi app and corner the market.

  • Saving address
  • Automatic payment
  • Memberships
  • Packages
  • Outstation module etc.
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Cost To Develop A Taxi Application:

So, if you are planning to develop an on-demand taxi booking application or Uber-like taxi app then the cost of taxi app development might be bothering you. Well, the costs of developing a taxi booking mobile app depend on the features you want to include in the application.

You can depend on any reputed taxi booking app development company to help you with the same. When you get your taxi app developed by a company the costs to depend on the hours they work on to develop the app, more the features, more the working hours.

To give you a rough idea of the average rates of taxi app development cost, we compiled a small list of regions and the charges per hour for developing a taxi app.

  • North America – $60-$250 per hour
  • UK – $60-$150 per hour
  • Europe – $40 – $120 per hour
  • India – $10-$18 per hour

Summing Up:

For any business to have a long run in the industry, it requires to include the best accessibility, features, and functionality. So, if you are into an online taxi booking service, you need to make sure your online taxi booking application serves the best and satisfies the users.

So, try to include as many features as possible ensuring it also fits your budget.

Mushahid KhatriAbout the Author:

Mushahid Khatri is a solution consultant at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company in 2017. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with a leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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