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Social Media Marketing In 2023: 6 Trends To Double-Tap On

Social media is, in today’s world, not just a platform for socializing and people posting about their daily lives. It has become an outstanding tool for businesses and advertisers to target and influence the lives of existing and potential customers.

Companies need to keep in touch with the latest trends in social media to help them build strategies and become more popular and profitable. With frequent changes in user behavioral patterns, it is a never-ending cycle of keeping up with the trends. Here are 6 social media trends that companies need to double-tap on.

6 Trends For Social Media Marketing In 2023:

1.) Usage Of Social Media As Shopping Outlets:

Various social media platforms became popular destinations for shopping for users in 2022. Social commerce is expected to grow more in 2023. It has been estimated that the US alone will have approximately 108 million social customers by 2025, and global social commerce sales will be over $6 trillion by 2026. The year 2023 is bound to be the launching pad for success for many businesses, from small-scale to multinational.

Facebook, in particular, after introducing the “Facebook Shops” features, has benefitted the most as they jumped on to the trend immediately. Approximately 36% of users bought products from Facebook Shops while 24.5% of users preferred purchasing through Instagram.

Businesses can create or add product listings directly in their “Shop.” They can also connect it with their Messenger account, making it more convenient for customers to buy without having second thoughts. It is advisable for businesses to first research their target market and consumer requirements before setting up their social commerce venture, as not doing that would make it harder for them to make profits or reach their potential customers.

2.) The Popularity Of Short Videos:

Social media videos are the way to go for businesses and marketers to see an astounding difference in their profits. Short videos, especially, have become one of the most popular trends recently, with the rise of TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and others. Users have become more interested in shorter formats due to their decreasing attention span.

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The global internet video traffic constituted around 82% of the total consumer internet traffic in 2022 and is expected to be more in 2023. Various short videos are trending, such as tutorials, skits, dance videos, and motion graphics. People have been spending hours glued to their phones, consuming short videos.

Businesses need to use this trend and add short videos to the social media marketing strategies list in 2023. However, a point to keep in mind is that companies should never compromise the quality of their content to make them short. That is because high-quality content always has the upper hand when it comes to user engagement and interaction.

3.) Nano-Influencer And Micro-Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing has been a popular and effective choice for brands to expand their business. One problem, however, that has been discovered is that nano-influencers and micro-influencers have a better engagement ratio in their profiles than macro-influencers. Influencers with a massive number of followers also often come at higher prices. While bigger brands might not find that to be a problem, most brands that look for influencer marketing are smaller brands and look for more value for their money.

Customers also find smaller influencers to be more authentic and trustworthy. They find it easier to communicate and engage when brands or influencers provide more authenticity in their advertisements. Moreover, brands find it challenging to engage with potential customers when the influencer has a high follower count.

Due to their smaller following, nano-influencers and micro-influencers often find themselves in more demand among companies looking for a more direct approach. It has been found that, on average, nano influencers have an engagement rate of 3.69%, which is higher than macro-influencers. In 2023, companies will be looking for a community-based advertising plan.


4.) Story-Driven Content:

Viral content always carries a story within them which keeps users engaged. An interesting and short story makes social media users share the content with their followers, family, and friends. Story-driven content attracts people, and good writing can make even dull information exciting to look at or hear about. It gives a voice to businesses and captivates users.

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Reports suggest that more than 92% of surveyed people prefer advertisements that tell a story. Not just that, but 55% agreed that an advertisement that contained a relatable and engaging story would make them purchase the product or service.

Going viral on social media increases consumer attraction manifold. To do that and increase brand recall, businesses can opt for content with a storytelling approach, which is an excellent social media marketing strategy for 2023.

5.) Interactive Ads:

Interactive advertising is one of the best modern tactics focusing on user engagement and interaction. Social media users can interact directly or indirectly with the ad, thus providing valuable information and feedback from existing or potential customers.

The benefits and need for interactive ads for businesses have increased with the rise of AR and VR technologies, which are more engagement-driven. Users have been found to be interested in better shopping experiences through the use of interactive ads.

There are a lot of people who use ad blockers so that they do not need to see boring traditional ads all the time. Most of them also prefer skipping ads when they can. That can prove unprofitable for businesses and can be avoided by the use of interactive advertising because this type of advertising gives users a unique experience and involves their participation.

Besides increasing engagement, interactive ads also increase viewing time, making more people aware of the brand and its services.

6.) Brand Authenticity Will Become Important:

Customer behavior change is imminent, and now more than ever, they are looking for brand authenticity as a factor before purchasing any product or service. Authenticity is based on a company’s transparency, and according to surveys, about 86% of users believe that transparency is becoming more and more important for their buying preferences.

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Consumers are also interested in brands that feel like they care about their customers and build real human connections. That helps them form an emotional bond with the brand. A way in which companies can achieve this is by showcasing their leaders and making them play a more active role on social media. Leaders who interact with customers with their social media handles make them feel like they can trust the company and its services.

Millennial consumers especially love it when the CEOs of brands engage with them on social media. An active role also includes answering various queries that consumers might have regarding the company or its products. 69% of millennial consumers prefer CEOs to have a presence on social media and believe that doing so and being transparent can have a positive and massive impact on brand reputation and sales figures.

7.) Conclusion:

While some trends carry over from previous years, others can come as a total surprise. Brands must always be prepared for the next significant trends that will hit the social media landscape with a storm. They need to research and sometimes predict the trends. Consumers spend a large chunk of their time on social media, and brands should consider that when building marketing strategies. From short videos to social commerce, the mentioned trends are the ones businesses need to focus on to make the most out of social media. It can be challenging because of the competition, but staying in the loop when it comes to social media trends can help businesses look unique.

Prashant PujaraAbout the Author:

Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies, an Angular Development Company In India with experience in on-demand Marketplace App Development Solutions where you can hire app developers for your business. He is in charge of the commercial and delivery operations of the company, as well as strategic planning and strategy.

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