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Why The Cloud Is Key For Your Internet Marketing Projects?

Why The Cloud Is Key For Your Internet Marketing Projects?

If you think cloud storage isn’t relevant for your online marketing projects – then you’re wrong. The truth is – cloud storage and sharing has taken internet marketing by storm just like it has in traditional business arenas. Sharing files with both colleagues and clients has never been easier. You don’t have to save files and email them across vast networks – you can leave them in the cloud and access them remotely with ease. We’re going to look at why cloud storage is so good for online marketing businesses, along with how to keep access safe and secure.

1.) Share With Anyone, Anywhere:

Whether you want to give potential clients a snapshot of your portfolio, or share work with freelancers based in a different location – the cloud makes it easy. Remember having to save files to disk or print them out? Now you can share them with ease. Even emailing files can be inefficient. It’s a cumbersome process that’s rarely dynamic enough. With cloud computing, different parties can make changes to files remotely and instantly. You can work alongside a client even if they’re in a completely different office in a different location.

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2.) Unlimited Storage Capabilities:

Some online marketing ventures can run out of storage space quite quickly. Sharing huge files with clients or colleagues can be difficult. If you’ve got big files that can’t fit on disks and are too big to email – what do you do with them if you need to send them to your graphics designer? Put them on the cloud. You can give cloud access only to the people you want, when you want. It takes collaborative work and freelancing to another level.

Getting extra disk space on the cloud is easy. You don’t have to send off for another hard disk, wait for it, find space for it, and install it. You just click a button. That’s potentially unlimited storage space at your finger-tips.

Why The Cloud Is Key For Your Internet Marketing Projects?

3.) Key Security Features:

Keeping your cloud secure is important – that’s why some third-party providers are now offering state-of-the-art cloud security – making sure you only share files with the right people. When working on collaborative projects, sometimes various clients or colleagues move on to new things. With the right cloud security, you can easily and remotely remove their access to certain files – making sure they don’t take important data with them.

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A quality cloud security provider will have a number of key benefits for your online business and cloud storage use. Not only will you be able to only share certain files with certain people (and only when you want to) – you’ll also be able to remove access to the wrong people, encrypt sharing, and even share with people who don’t have DropBox installed. Whilst sharing files between colleagues might be standard, requiring a potential client to install some software just so they can have a look at some of your portfolio can be a turn-off for them. With DropBox security services like Sookasa, you can encrypt any file you send them, whether they use DropBox or not. Not only is cloud storage great for your business, it could help you increase profit margins and bring in new customers, too.

4.) Secure Backups:

Along with being able to secure your data so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, you can also protect all your files by backing them up remotely. You don’t have to store backups on-site, risking potential loss of data in fires or burglaries. Backups can be stored “off-site” so that it’s even more protected.

The great thing about cloud storage is that it’s so versatile. The possibilities aren’t limited to things like disk space or cost. Cloud storage systems can be as big or as small as you like. They’ve flexible and easy to use – and offer countless benefits for your business. Traditional storage methods can’t match the flexibility of cloud storage, and the ease in which upgrades can be made. Start embracing the cloud today.

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About the Author:
Peter Ellington has been involved in marketing for almost two decades. He knows how important cloud computing security can be for your business – that’s why he recommends DropBox encryption.

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