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How PowerPoint Presentation Designs Help The Best Sales Pitches?

PowerPoint presentations are ubiquitous! Right from designing coursework, to investor pitches, a PowerPoint presentation is a novelty for thought leaders who aim at making communication simple yet effective. A good PowerPoint presentation can effectively cajole your audience into buying your ideas and is a sure-shot way of striking the right chord with your target group!

A good sales presentation should be the one that blends text with impressive yet simplistic graphics. Graphic design plays a crucial role in serving as the “pull” for your prospects. Here’s how you should design your sales presentations in order to garner more attention from your targets and in a way drive more sales!

1.) Don’t Make Your Presentation Generic:

This is one thing that should be avoided at all costs. Ensure that the presentation you’re designing shouldn’t be generic, i.e. it should not have the same content/design elements that you’ve used and re-used. Your sales pitch should be interactive and should speak to the audience as per context. Canned PowerPoint presentations fail to deliver a similar impact and you should refrain from the approach. Your pitch should have modifications to fuse in specific points unique to a particular set of customers. For instance, if you’re selling a product that is beneficial to both students and corporates, carve out different sales pitches for either.


2.) Link Your Product/Service To Your Prospects:

A great way to ensure that communication flows effectively between you and the audience is to form an emotional connect between the two. Let your audience ask questions pertaining to the product/service you’re trying to sell. A good emotional connect between you and the prospect would open up vistas of your business. It is extremely important for you to focus on the benefits that the product/service would offer when you’re pitching it to prospects.

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3.) Use A Simple Structure To Drive Your Presentations:

A simple narrative speaks more than a presentation replete with complex figures and charts. The intent is to make your presentation succinct and straight to the point. This is so because, your audience, to whom you’re selling might not understand business jargon quite as much as you do. Therefore, your narrative should be simplistic. Here’s how the basic structure of your sales presentation should look like:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Call to action

A call to action helps you stir your audience into action! Sales presentations therefore are essential if you’re someone with a revolutionary product/service and want to reach out to more people. A good PowerPoint presentation helps fill your sales funnel!

Dharmendra AhujaAbout the Author:Dharmendra Ahuja is the author of “How PowerPoint Presentation Designs Help you Carve the Best Sales Pitches” If don’t have time to design slides for your next big presentation? Visit slideloot and take home thousands of fully editable PowerPoint templates for absolutely free!

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