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How To Find The Top 5 Cloud Storage Vendors For Your Business?

How To Find The Top 5 Cloud Storage Vendors For Your Business?

Cloud Storage is a milestone in the world of mobile and portable data storage capabilities. Its importance can be further strengthened when you consider how unsafe conventional storage devices like USBs, and hard drives can be; whenever there are any virus onslaughts, voltage fluctuations, or any other hazard, chances are these devices will malfunction and you’ll lose all your data. With USB sticks there is an added chance that you might misplace them, or they might get stolen; in either case, your data get lost.

What Is A Cloud Storage?

The Cloud service effectively gives solutions to all these problems since it is an online storage service, and can be accessed from anywhere via an internet connection; you do not have to carry it around with yourself. Conventional devices also have a limited storage capacity, so you have no choice but to buy a new one if you wish you to increase storage space, at which point you also have to shift all your data from one device to another. The cloud saves you from all this hassle too!

Is It Safe And Economical?

The Cloud Service is based on the principle of distinct, remote data storage locations which are connected with each other via the internet. When you upload your data to the cloud, it immediately gets sent to one of these data storage centers where your data will eventually be sorted on the basis of format and size, and sent to respective storage modules. The data will also be replicated and stored individually in multiple modules, so it is always available whenever you need it, even if one of the modules is temporarily down.

The cloud storage medium can also be economical too; it costs hundreds of dollars less as compared to conventional storage devices with comparable storage capabilities. Apart from being economical, it is also highly automated; eliminating the need for you to have to search manually through a whole horde of files for a particular one. Cloud systems also ensure privacy too, ensuring your data will be discreetly guarded and safe from prying eyes.

How To Find The Top 5 Cloud Storage Vendors For Your Business?

Cloud Services, Finding The Top 5 In The Business:

There are hundreds of cloud based storage services on offer today, any web search will reveal thousands of potential hits; both local as well as international vendors, thus choosing the one vendor that appeals to you and might prove adequate for needs is quite a gamble. We’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular ones to help you decide.

  1. Spider Oak: This is another premium storage vendor that provides secure and quality services for an affordable price; it even offers a free 2GB account.
  2. Memopal: Memopal is a bit exclusive; it is available in 15 languages and open to users from USA, Europe and Asia. These service charges annual fees of 48euros for normal services and can give you extended storage of up to 300GB.
  3. This service offers 5GB of free storage space for the first time users.
  4. Amazon S3: this is the Simple Storage Service offered by Amazon and charges an unbelievable 14 cents for a gigabyte of storage space.
  5. Jungle Disk: is another cloud service for personal users, and service charges are an incredibly low $2 per month.
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