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Leverage Browser Caching For Images, CSS and JS To Decrease Loading Time

Google PageSpeed Insights is one of several useful tools for measuring website performance. However, some of its suggestions – like the ‘Leverage Browser Caching’ warning – may be confusing to inexperienced site owners. When you break it down, caching isn’t all that tough to understand. Wi...

10 Top And Trending Tips For Starting A New Business in 2018

Starting a new business, especially at a young age, can be a daunting task; there is a lot that needs to be done which you don’t even know about. It is crucial to do all the homework and read as much as possible in order to prepare yourself for something that is yet to come. […]...

How To Add Image Caption In Blogger Posts With Custom CSS?

Every Blogger posts contains images some time many images then some time image cant describe itself to that user so you have to give a hint to your user about the image that you can give it by using a caption text just below the image. Its an official practice for the webs designers thats […]...

How To Make Your Blogger Posts Images Responsive?

By Default when you will upload an image to Google Blogger then i will ask you about its size like shown in the below screen shoot. So it means that you will have the fix size of image that will go messed up when your size will go short in width so you have to […]...

Fix Mixed Content Error On Your Blogspot Blog

After the new update of Google Blogger where you can use free HTTPS secure certificates over your default domains to secure your blog in users eyes so HTTPS also want to secure it from back end also that why it doesn’t want to get or garb any data from non-secure sites thats why this is [&hell...

Fetch Data From Blogger Feed Using Pure JavaScript

Like every blog, Google Blog’s have there own Feed that can be called by many ways for your work. You can get the data from blogger feed means blogs and can use it anywhere. It is built for the purpose of Fetching Data From Blogger Feed. You can use many languages to Fetch Data From […]...

How To Use Parameters In Google Blogspot Blog Feed?

This post presented for me to understanding the “Query Parameters in Blogspot Feed”. As we know, the URL to get feed items of our blog is You can review this feed after as my blog feed :