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7 Best Video Player And Gallery WordPress Plugins For 2022

The number of people watching videos online is rapidly increasing; as a result, textual articles are starting to give way to video content online. A video has the potential to hold the attention of an audience, inspire audience participation, and tell a story in ways that are simply not possible using words alone. When embedding a video into a WordPress website, however, it may be difficult to create an engaging and intriguing video experience for site visitors. As a result, websites that use embedded movies frequently give off an unprofessional impression.

After that, you might wish to investigate the plugin community for media players that is available for WordPress. You can display videos with personalized cover art, autoplay, and video controls by utilizing these extensions, amongst other capabilities. Show content sourced from internet video hosting services such as YouTube or cloud video storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and other similar services. In preparation for this roundup, we researched and picked WordPress’s top 7 video player plugins. Let’s have a look at the features that are provided by each of these plugins.

1.) VideoJs Player:

VideoJs Player is an absolute necessity given its status as one of the most flexible HTML5 video players. According to recent studies and statistics, it is currently used by more than 450,000 websites. Therefore, if you want to distribute videos online, you can use this powerful player to embed on your websites. Furthermore, it is possible to use this player to play videos on a computer and on a mobile device, which is one of the many beneficial features of this player. The success of the VideoJs player can be ascribed to the fact that it contains a lot of different functions.

The flexibility of the VideoJs player has contributed to its rise in popularity among users. The fact that this player can read any format is certainly one of its most attractive features. For example, it can open and operate files that are in legacy formats. These formats include things like MP4 and WebM, among others.

This player is not only broadly compatible but also does an excellent job of supporting specialized file formats like HLS and DASH. The fantastic user interface that VideoJs Player offers for the purpose of broadcasting live events is one of its most notable characteristics. This player was designed with the final goal of gaining the unwavering confidence of the listener as its primary motivation. The design is also outstanding; however, there is some space for development in terms of the inventiveness it displays. Using CSS to make aesthetic changes to the player enables a more individualized gameplay experience.

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2.) Youtube Feed Pro Plugin:

Embed your videos from YouTube in a way that looks amazing and plays smoothly on your site using the Smash Balloon embedding tool. The YouTube Feed Pro plugin for WordPress developed by Smash Balloon is the most effective method for incorporating the feed for your channel into your website.

You can learn more about the features and customization options that are available by checking out the demo and learning about available options, such as the ability to choose from a variety of different responsive layouts and options, having freshly submitted videos display instantly, creating as many feeds as you wish, and more. If you are active on more than just YouTube and other social networking sites, you should check out the Social Wall plugin that Smash Balloon offers.

3.) Plugin For Youtube:

If you want to integrate videos from YouTube into your WordPress site, you need to use this plugin. You’ll have complete editorial control over your video material if you use the YouTube plugin for WordPress, which is one of the most feature-packed video players on the market. In addition, you have access to a plethora of configuration choices inside the plugin, which enables you to make your video website an appearance that is completely one of a kind.

If you have this plugin installed on your WordPress site, you can embed and organize the most popular videos from YouTube straight inside your site. Create a picture book that caters to your unique requirements by identifying each photograph in the album. You have access to more than a hundred different options that allow you to fine-tune the design of your website.

This plugin conforms with the General Data Protection Regulation and offers full support for the new Gutenberg editor that you have installed. Your video site may benefit from having AdSense adverts included thanks to the plugin, which offers a convenient method. The structure can transform itself to fit the display of any modern device. In addition, you have the ability to personalize the look of the design in any way you see fit by tinkering with the structure and colour scheme that is already present.

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4.) Html5 Video Player:

HTML5 Video Player is one of the best video player plugins for WordPress. It has an easy-to-use interface while simultaneously streaming high-quality videos in all main browsers. In addition, you may optimize your movies for search engines with this plugin by providing each video with a name and description that are unique to it.

You may embed films from almost any video-sharing service into your website by taking advantage of this site’s flexible shortcode option. You can also personalize the player’s look by creating playlists and selecting a theme from the many available options. If you choose one of those premium themes, you can rest certain that your end user will have a fantastic time regarding how their site looks.

Within this WordPress plugin for embedding videos, you’ll find not one, not two, but three different players to choose from. One of these players has a playlist on the right side, while the other has a playlist on the left side, and the third player does not have a playlist. In addition to this, the player has the option to automatically hide the control panel whenever there is no mouse action.


5.) Elfsight’s Youtube Gallery:

Elfsight’s YouTube Gallery is a paid add-on that also comes as a free widget. It has received several positive reviews. You may take advantage of the free widget by going to their website, selecting a design and a few other options, and then integrating the YouTube gallery or feed into your WordPress site.

Within the dynamic and customizable design of the widget, five various colour schemes may be used, as well as real-time updates and other features. However, it may be somewhat constrained in contrast to the others on our list because it is only a widget, not a plugin. You might also grab the plugin from the website CodeCanyon as an alternative. In terms of widget setup, it is a substitute for Elfsight’s website; all settings may be adjusted from inside the back end of your WordPress installation. The plugin has a total of 264 ratings from users, with an average rating of 4.87 out of 5.

6.) Ultimate Video Player:

Compared to other plugins, Ultimate Video Player stands out due to the ease with which it is possible to add subtitles in many different languages. In addition, with the help of this plugin, you will be able to improve the quality of your videos by adding playback controls as well as a button that allows viewers to download the movie to their personal computers or change the speed of the movie while they are watching it on your website.

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This plugin is equipped with a wide variety of helpful features, some examples of which include advertising, cue points, and live streaming. Many different ad placement options are available, including pop-ups, pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertising. In addition, there is a possibility that videos from popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others may be shown.

You can also keep your locally stored movies private or guard them with a password while broadcasting them online. Of course, it needs to be in the common Web Video Format (mp4), which works faultlessly on all modern web browsers and smart devices.

7.) Simple Video Player:

Videos may be embedded and played back on your website without effort when using the Simple Video Player plugin. Access to the video content may be gained via internal or external connections. In addition, this plugin makes it possible to make simple customizations and changes. You have complete control over everything, including the video player’s size, aspect ratio, skin, loop, and format.

It is based on JavaScript and can support locally produced videos and those stored on other websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. In addition, the player offers a preview of the accompanying MP4 videos (the best format to run on web pages). Finally, this plugin displays movies using a responsive format.


Searching for and installing the most suitable plugin available to play videos in WordPress is essential. Finding a happy medium between a website’s load time, its ease of use, and the number of different features its audience needs is essential to its success. Determine first how you want to use videos on your website. Next, examine the features provided by each plugin concerning your requirements. However, putting those words into action is much more difficult. When it comes to embedding videos from a variety of websites, the plugins included in this package are the very finest. In a similar vein, the majority of premium plugins provide functionalities that are equivalent to one another.

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