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Facebook Marketing: 7 Intelligent Tips You Must Follow To Ace The Game

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Facebook for any marketer is manna from heaven.

2020 has been marked as a defining year in terms of online activity and digital marketing. With social distancing, quarantine, and lockdowns, the new normal has transformed a technological trend into a full-ledged reality. During these revolutionary times, Facebook has cemented its position as the biggest and most powerful platform for branding and marketing.

Facebook Dominates Social Media:

This powerhouse is perpetually setting benchmarks for other social media channels. People of all age groups and social strata are spending more and more time online, scrolling through their Facebook feed almost daily. Boasting over 1 billion daily active users, there is no doubt that streamlining an efficient methodology to harness the unprecedented power of this social media giant is the only way to go forward.

The evolving nature of customer behavior and market trends has made it essential for marketers to grow a sustained audience and boost social reach. However, navigating through the fast currents of modern marketing on Facebook can turn out to be tricky. Ace marketers need an arsenal of tricks under their sleeves.

So, here’s a list of expert tips to formulate your foolproof Facebook marketing strategy:

1.) Keep In Mind A Target Audience:

One of the best features of Facebook marketing is the ability to super specify your target audience whether it’s college kids from urban areas, middle-aged tech nerds, or suburban homemakers. This will help you avoid large budgets and ensure investment returns.

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So, dedicate sufficient time, resources, and energy to define your customer base and create buyer personas for ad targeting. However, don’t be too picky with persona targeting as overdoing it will impede your visibility.

2.) Establish User-Friendly Tactics:

In addition to focusing on intelligently targeted audiences, you should create ads specially designed for the leads already in your possession. This personalized approach enhances engagement and generates more profit. Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature targets existing leads that you have garnered through a variety of efforts or upsell to present customers.

You can also share user-generated content instead of creating new ones, to save time and promote customer loyalty by making them included. This will also engage customers with your brand and familiarize them with what you are all about.

3.) Analyze Content With Facebook Page Insights:

One of the major myths about Facebook marketing is that it is just about posting good content. The reality is far from this. Your quality content will prove to be useless if you are not keeping track of how it is faring amongst users.

Facebook Page Insights is an internal analytics tool for your page’s performance that works similarly to how education assessments work for students. It provides a highly detailed report of your brand’s reach by assessing the total number of views or likes on your posts and page. It also helps to record and measure customers’ engagement with your page and posts.


4.) Facebook Ads For Efficient Promotion:

Organic posts are all well and good, but combining them with paid promotional ads gives your marketing strategy an enviable edge. Cheaper than Google ads, Facebook ads are one of the smartest investments one can make, especially with a well-defined target audience. Once you know which content is popular amidst your audience through Facebook Page Insights, use this valuable knowledge to push forward your brand to a larger audience.

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Keep in mind not to waste resources by promoting junk content, this will not prove beneficial. Use Facebook ads judiciously and keep in mind changing algorithms.

5.) Use Facebook Messenger To Deliver Content:

Facebook is generally considered to be a one-to-many channel, however, this is just half of the story. People spend a large chunk of their time online on its messaging app, Facebook Messenger. Marketers should definitely use this to their advantage to grow their businesses.

Chatbots are one way you can interact with audiences, with technology moving forward at an unprecedented pace chatbots are becoming more and more user-friendly and interactive. You can also deliver personalized content for more engagement, important product-related information, or timely reminders about events and other updates. According to research people are more likely to engage with content sent through Messenger than Emails. This is a relatively unique one-to-one method to target any audience and generate leads.

6.) Host Facebook Contests:

Almost all of us have at least participated once in a Facebook contest. They are the easiest and simplest way of engaging with your audiences. What’s more? Sometimes the participants themselves become marketers of your brand by making their friends and family take part in the fun. Running a contest can be as simple as posting pictures with your products, answering a question, or coming up with the best captions. Marketers can entice fans with tempting prizes and increase brand awareness seamlessly. You can also use third-party apps to conduct more interesting contests.

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So, go ahead, put up a contest alert today and witness this mind-blowing tactic work out for you.

7.) Captivate Audience With Videos:

The average person on Facebook has a very low attention span. This proves to be a major hurdle for marketers who want their audience to focus on their content. One of the best ways to garner views is through beautiful, aesthetically pleasing or funny short videos.

If a picture says a thousand words, imagine the effect of videos on people. Filming and editing videos for Facebook is a relatively easy task these days with a variety of tools available and it is the best way to drive an audience.  With daily consumption of videos on the rise, this is a handy trick marketer should definitely use.

Try Facebook Marketing Today:

In the coming months, updating your Facebook marketing plan should be one of your top priorities. The onslaught of socio-economic changes during a pandemic has necessitated the need to digitize for small businesses and large corporations alike. As the digital platform with the highest reach and most established marketplace, Facebook is deemed to be the reigning lord of digital marketing in 2020.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can achieve a variety of purposes like website traffic, lead generation, and brand exposure. So, revamp your advertising strategy with these easy tricks and grow your business on Facebook in no time!

Aditya KathotiaAbout the Author:

Aditya Kathotia is the founder of Digital Polo a unique design company that provides unlimited design work for a simple, affordable fee. He also heads a full-service digital agency called Nico Digital.

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