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How To Make Your Account Popular On Freelancing Platforms?

Freelancing is not a new phenomenon, in fact in the ancient times there were more self-employed people than employed ones. People used to be farmers, traders, merchants or something else in that line. Majority of people owned small businesses that they could run on their own. There was not enough capital involved to employ others thus the majority of them were self-employed. That is something, which seems unfathomable in our modern world where big corporations own maximum shares in each industry. Today, whether you are looking to buy a product, or are wondering if someone can take my online class for me, you will find some company online that can provide you the service you are looking for.

According to Pew research from 2014 on the percentage of employment distribution, only 10% of people in the US are self-employed. However, it is interesting that with the internet revolution in recent years those numbers are increasing. More and more people are looking for freelancing opportunities on the internet and we are bringing back the tradition of self-employment from our long gone past through technological advancements. As our lives become more and more engulfed into the digital world, it is only natural that people are going to find ways of making money through online platforms.

If you are looking forward to making it big on the freelancing platforms then here are ten tips for your consideration.

1.) Get Organized:

This might sound basic, and kind of a no-brainer. However, not being organized enough is the reason why most people fail in achieving their goals. A very simple but super effective app that can help you out is Google Calendar. It provides a wonderful interface through which you can organize and plan for your days for productivity. Similarly, make sure that you are putting in the hard work to get your sleeping, eating, exercising and socializing routines in order. No matter how much potential you might have, without discipline it is of no use.

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2.) Have A Back-Up Income Plan:

There is a famous Warren Buffet quote on investment that “Don’t put all eggs in one basket.” If you are thinking of leaving your job and investing all your finances into freelancing then that might not be a good idea. Freelancing business takes time to grow. It might take months to find sustainability as a freelancer and you should have a good plan for income during that initial period. So, do not leave your job at Burger King any time soon because it might be more valuable than you might think it is.

3.) Build A Killer Portfolio:

The number one resource that is going to help you in the initial days of freelancing is a good portfolio. Think about it, why you would hire someone to work for you unless you know that the person is good at his or her job. If you are a designer then you should have great designing work samples in hand to market yourself, same goes for every other job. So before creating your freelancing profile, make sure you have created an effective portfolio.

4.) Set The Right Price:

When it comes to setting the price for your service, you should make sure that it is neither too high and nor too low. If you keep the price too low and undersell yourself that is not a good sign for a potential buyer as they might become skeptical about the quality or authenticity of the service. Similarly, keeping the price too high despite being new in the game is also not a good strategy. Therefore, it is important to have a good understanding of your service’s worth initially.

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5.) Know Your Audience:

If you are a designer then people looking for design help are going to come to you, of course that is a no brainer. However, there are different kinds of audiences in each category. A lawyer hiring someone to design his firm’s logo or website design will have a different type of demand than a 20-something girl starting a decoration store online or whatever, you got the point. The work in your portfolio is also going to be a massive deciding factor when it comes to forming your target audience. Just be aware of your audience.

6.) Know Your Competitors:

While understanding your competitors, beware of comparing yourself to them. Comparing yourself to another freelancer who is more successful than you is an effective way of childishly sabotaging your drive for success and focus. By knowing your competitors we mean that you should objectively observe what others are doing right, or doing wrong. Learning from their right actions and mistakes is a great way to better your own brand.

7.) Choose The Right Platform:

Many new freelancers make their profiles on every platform available out there. This is not the right strategy because having too many profiles is only going to be a distraction and it will also become difficult to manage. Some of the best and/or most popular freelancing platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, and Simply Hired (to name a few). All these platforms have their individual strengths and weaknesses and you should make the decision wisely.

8.) Use Technology Wisely:

Technology has facilitated the opportunity for people to work from home online. However, like anything else, it is up to us how we make it beneficial for us. Invest in the right computer especially if you are a designer, or video editor then you will need a device with good graphics and processing ability. In addition, you might have to stay online almost all the time so your devices should be active. Make sure to give enough time and thought to this matter.

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9.) Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations:

Freelancing is not easy. There is a reason why almost everyone works for corporations nowadays instead of having their own business. If you are hoping that your profile is going to get big on the platform in a month or two then that is a fantasy you should erase from your mind. Therefore, do not have unrealistic expectations and take one-step at a time.

10.) Persistent Is The Key:

You are trying to make it as a freelancer so that you will not have to work for someone else and that is great, more power to you! However, you should be ready for a long road ahead. It takes time to build something special and beautiful. The key to success at almost anything difficult is persistence. It is the ability to go one day at a time and to not expect any immediate results. You might face some failures early on, in fact YOU WILL for sure face some failures early on. It is important to remain persistent. This is the most important advice of them all.
It is not easy to make it as a freelancer. However, with the right mindset, planning and work, it can happen. As we have mentioned above, persistence is the key that is something you should always remember. If you are a student wondering if someone can take my online class for me then there are various services available online for you.

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