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Safeguard Your Children’s Future With Mobile Monitoring Apps

Safeguard Your Children's Future With Mobile Monitoring Apps

PC’s and laptops used to be the devices that have everything you can possibly need and you just use the phone for only some of the features. With the advent of smartphones, it is like you have a computer at your fingertips wherever you go. You can even customize it and install applications that you think your will need while on the go.

Before, you can only get information by going to the actual website and looking it up but now it is just a matter of installing the application you need. For instance if you want to watch a video, there is no need to go to the YouTube website but just install the app and you can get a faster and optimized version on your mobile.

So, How Big Is The Amount Of Available Applications For Smart Phones?

The most popular applications being installed on mobile phones are games that can entertain you for hours on end. There are also applications available for almost everything from information to security. These apps are available for download and compatible via the OS like Android, Blackberry, or Windows phones. This means you cannot download an app for Blackberry to an Android or vice versa.

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As a parent, you need to have a way of checking what applications your kids have on their mobile phones. Since they have control on whatever they want to download and install, the only option you have is to monitor what they are using. Blocking certain sites that you think is inappropriate does not do the job since your kids can easily get the app for it.

Children are curious for anything that they see online and since there are a lot of videos available, they can easily download it and have access to adult content, violence and even worse, pornography. These are things that you certainly don’t want your kids to be exposed to.

Safeguard Your Children's Future With Mobile Monitoring Apps

What Apps Do Connect People?

Instant communication to family and friends can be done on apps like WhatsApp, BBM (Blackberry Messenger), and Skype. These can be used to connect with people all over the globe.

These applications are available to download for free, there are certain costs associated with it for extra services like having access to exclusive content, leveling up in the game, and even making purchases.

The alarming factor is for the applications that can take and store pictures and videos. Children and young adults are of course very fond of taking pictures. They love posing and posting it without reservations. The problem arises when something inappropriate is posted or shared on the social media apps using the smartphone.

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How To Avoid The Negative Consequences Of Usage Of Social Media Apps?

You may be able to block the websites that have adult or inappropriate content using the web settings on the browser but if your kid is using other browsers such as Dolphin or Opera to browse the internet, these settings will not work.

You can utilize the settings on some monitoring software like mSpy to block the applications that you don’t want your kids to use. Just go to the online control panel of your account and access the security settings. You will then be able to see what the applications are in your child’s smartphone. Before you remove or block an app, it is always a good option to talk to your child and ask them why they have that app and what they are using it for. It may be that the app was pre installed and not really something your child downloaded to the phone.

How Can Parents Limit Children’s Access To The Phone?

The buttons on the security settings will allow you to block the application or set a time when it can be enabled. Allowing the application will mean that it will be available at all times. Once it is blocked and your child tries to launch it, an error message will appear on their mobile phone and you will get a notification on your dashboard via email.

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If you want to completely disallow your child to install any and all applications without you knowing it, you need to block the application store in the same process described. If your child wants to install an app, they will have to get your permission and you have to remove the block temporarily. There will be a set PIN that you need to put in.

About the Author:
This post is written by Katrin Deres who loves blogging and writing about new interesting smartphone features and spy apps for android. Works in a marketing team of mSpy.

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