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Top 8 Do’s And Don’ts While Writing A Blog

At a time of brands pivoting towards Social media marketing, why blogging now? But, experts still say blogging is a must. For startups, blogging is a low barrier marketing tool. The high-quality blogs always remain an ideal way to grow the traffic. It is the perfect way to become recognizable to customers, establish a brand voice, and improve loyalty. A great blog has tons of information and has a unique personality.

Merely having a website is not enough. In fact, a blog on your website can improve your Google rank much better. Google always rewards sites that provide informative content to visitors. It’s better to have fresh content on the blog and helps as an anchor for social media updates. If you publish a new blog then immediately post it in your social media platforms to increase the views. It’s your responsibility to create loyalty in blogs so that there’s a chance of visiting more viewers. The internal links encourage your readers to spend more time on your page. A blog is a logical and most intuitive place to work in the links which lead to related services.

Blogging is an effective way if we are linking it to the relevant pages with an anchor text. One should keep it in mind that having a blog is a great start to update consistently. It’s always tempting to craft a post with a literary masterpiece. You have to spend some time on the blog if you want it to be a reflection of your firm’s values. You have more opportunities if you frequently update the site with new content.

Table of Contents

1.) What To Do While Writing A Blog?

Here’re some basic strategies to include when creating text for a blog:

  • Your blog must have the answer questions consisting of where, who, what, how, and why related to the topics you have chosen.
  • Keep the postings short and grab the attention of your audience.
  • Use a friendly tone and conversation must be professional.
  • Use short sentences, and keep your audience in mind, write the content what they understand.
  • The post should never contain grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Keep the content more presentable and utilize the white space on the screen.
  • Make sure that your text appears on any screen and should be an easy-to-read font.
  • Don’t overuse many type-styles such as italic, bold, and underlined.
  • The color scheme must be consistent with the image and that be not distracting.
  • Don’t include unnecessary information in the blog. Also, useful information should be in multiple parts.
  • Should maintain your branding. The content in your blog must be consistent with everything in the real world.
  • Make sure the blog content is well-organized, interesting, unique, entertaining, informative, and engaging.
  • Use taglines, logos, and relevant content to brand your blog properly.
  • Use a numbered list and bullet points within the post.

If you want to swap the responsibility of writing blogs, the first step is to interact with your blog readers. Also, you might consider the help of blog contributors. The best place to get such help is through your readership. The people who are visiting the blog regularly have a sincere interest in the content that you’ve inserted. Of Course, there are very few people in the audience who would love to write for your blog.


2.) Precautions To Take While Writing A Blog:

You have to make sure while choosing a contributor:

  • They have credibility in writing with authority.
  • They are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the blog’s topic.
  • The contributors should have the ability to create their professional quality content and edit their work.
  • They must identify and understand the target audience.
  • They should work within a budget that you can afford.
  • The contributors can generate their original content.
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You have to find the people who are willing to give their content for free of cost. The drawback of the free bloggers is that sometimes they are not reliable. You often have to impose work to create content. It becomes harder for you to stop the content from the volunteer if he is not delivering quality content. Once you start bringing the contributors, then you can take the risk of hiring new writers who are capable of attracting the readers with their content.

3.) Reasons To Need A Blog:

The following are the reasons to have a blog:

  • Position your brand as an industry leader
  • Increase your SEO/ SERP
  • Develop better customer relationships
  • Drive traffic to your website

4.) Position Your Brand As An Industry Leader:

If the articles are written well, then they will resonate with your market, service, and business. For example, if you are a Certified Management Accountant, the blog posts must be related to your services. The customer will get to know the product’s resources. In the case of B2B, the researched articles should represent your service.

5.) Increase Your SEO/ SERP:

Blogs help to increase your SEO results. The new and fresh content is an essential factor in beating your competitor in the page results. Blogging regularly deals with your product, firm, business, and customer lifestyle will boost the search keywords.

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6.) Develop Better Customer Relationships:

Blogs can deepen the connection with customers directly on your website. Also, clients can know your product and business. Besides, your social sites should interact with consumers and respond to the comments. If they ask any questions, then respond with a positive tone directly on the website.

7.) Driver Traffic To Your Website:

The blogs give the opportunity in creating relevant content and blog on websites for all social media platforms. With relevant visuals, your business might be on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or somewhere else. Besides, post inbound links in the blog articles directly and drive them to land on specific websites.

8.) Conclusion:

Blogging is one of the game changers to achieve growth in your company, but it takes time and effort. While putting the blogs into practice, avoid simple errors, and use effective tips for the blog to reach new heights and flourish. Happy to share the article with you. I hope it is beneficial for your business to grow.

Anji VelaganaAbout the Author:

Anji Velagana is the Content Strategist at Simandhar Education which is an official partner of Becker and largest Training provider for the US CPA Course in India. He has 2 years of experience in content writing and blogging. He loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology & educational content.

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