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The Best Ways To Make Money Selling Your Digital Products

Almost everyone has ever heard the success stories of people who have started working in the digital world and are now chilling somewhere on Miami beaches. Someone can trust their tales, while others doubt them and think that money doesn’t grow on trees and should be earned only by working hard.

Whether you belong to the first or the second group of people, the thought of resigning from a nine-to-five work to have a more interesting and flexible one might have ever appeared in your head.

Nowadays graphic and web design is considered to be one of the most up growing niches. As more and more businesses turn online, the need for these specialists has dramatically grown. Entrepreneurs have understood that taking help from graphic designers is a necessity that is needed not only for a beautiful outside picture but for building quicker trust with the target audience.

Thanks to such little things as professionally crafted logos, layouts, and templates, brands can gain high visibility that will consequently turn in high conversions.

There are several ways in which graphic and web designers can earn money online. In this article, we want to delve into this topic and figure out what these places are and whether it is worth working there.

But first and foremost, it is important to note that there is no ideal point. All cases are individual and a perfect place for someone might be inconvenient for you. Everything depends on such factors as your professional aims, experience, and knowledge.

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Top Three Places To Sell Your Visuals:

Online Design Agencies:

If you are looking for a place where you will earn a steady monthly income, online design agencies are worth considering. There you won’t need to look for clients and think about whether you will earn enough this month. The constant flow of clients can be a good advantage for working on such a project.

However, alongside interesting challenges, you might also cooperate with boring ones. Unfortunately, working for such structures you rarely have the right to choose the projects to cooperate with.

Freelance Exchanges:

Are you considering yourself a free bird that doesn’t want to obey someone’s rules? Then the idea of freelance might sound seductive to you. One of the most valuable things that freelance offers is the freedom to choose the clients to cooperate with. The working hours, projects, niches – everything is up to you.

Having this type of work an inconsistent income is possible as sometimes you can earn thousands, while other times – almost nothing. From this point, some money-related problems may arise, one of which – is the impossibility to plan your finances. However, if the benefit of flexibility covers it, freelancing can be a great choice.


Without having a confirmed client base, online marketplaces are worth considering. Their purpose is to cover the needs of both graphic designers and clients. Overall, marketplaces are the platforms where vendors can upload their visuals and get money every time someone makes a purchase. Among the most significant benefits are that you don’t need to look for clients and don’t have to follow someone’s instructions.

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Every product on the marketplace has its buyer. So why not craft what you like and gain money for that? If you are looking for a place where you can sell your products conveniently, MasterBundles can be a good choice to start. On this marketplace, you can sell different digital products from small ones such as clipart to more significant presentation templates.

What does the cooperation process with marketplaces look like?

Each marketplace has its own rules, however, the process of earning money is usually similar.

You just come to the Sell Your Deal page and upload your work there. To do it you need to follow all requirements such as file size and resolutions.

After that, your designs will pass through a moderation form that will take some time and appear in the marketplace. People that need your work will just add them to the cart and pay.

Speaking about the income that you get using marketplaces, it is important to mention that all these websites take a commission from each purchase. The percentage is different and depends on the platform you use.

No matter what you choose whether it is a design agency, freelance exchange, or marketplace, it is important to know what you can sell. So let’s take a look at the top 3 most popular and handy digital elements.


Top Three Design Elements On the Rise:


In today’s consuming world, almost every person has ever been given a task to prepare a presentation. Taking into account not only business fields but the ability to give presentations successfully is also important for everyone who wants to achieve high career goals.

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However, crafting a presentation is a complicated and time-consuming task, especially for green speakers. That’s why they often come to the professional help of web designers who can make the template for them.


Have you ever seen a presentation without any fonts? We doubt it. That’s why alongside the need for templates, goes the necessity to have quality crafted fonts.

They are used everywhere – from social media networks to ads. Their market is constantly developing and you need to keep an eye on the modern trends.


In 2022 textures have been flourishing among all Instagram and Snapchat profiles. Next year you won’t surprise anyone with the usual textures such as grain and glass, that’s why something new and unusual needs to come on stage. What will it be? You decide! Maybe you will create the next trendy texture!

Wrapping It Up:

Making money selling your digital products is real. Even though this field is quite overflowing, still there is a need for quality digital products that will help businesses and ease their work. So why are you still waiting? Just choose the place that fits you best and start crafting your visuals!

Victoria KristoffAbout the Author:

Victoria Kristoff is a content writer for MasterBundles marketplace. She writes articles,  drinks coffee, and tries to keep her creative tornado by writing articles, and making illustrations. She adores artistic people and gets inspired by their works.

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