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How To Deal With Infuriated Customers?

How To Deal With Infuriated Customers?
Irritation or anger is often ephemeral and they occur when things don’t go according to plans. They are endured in circumstances when the solution hasn’t been found to the problem and they subside the moment the complications get resolved. At call centers, the representatives are dealing with furious, irritated, angry customers every other minute which is definitely not easy as it takes a big toll emotionally and might at times adversely affect the confidence. Harsh circumstances are a part of every jobs but dealing with these situation is the real challenge.

Having worked with an outsourced call center service provider for over five years now there hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t come across an infuriated customer. Sometimes it felt that even the best foot forward wasn’t the best shot because nothing could make the customers happy. Plus the customer service representative’s deal with diverse personalities, different moods, differences is ought to arise. Well, it may not seem a very easy task to please the customer but there are things that the representatives can do to change things about him such as looking at the situation with a different perspective. This in fact holds true for every circumstances we come across. Change in perspectives has had benefits of dealing with situations strategically. This strategy will arm the representatives with a powerful mindset and it will be easier for them to deal with the anger management techniques.  To begin with, it is advantageous to run all the possible scenarios inside the head beforehand and when the situation arises then you can deal with it effectively. Mentioned below are few tricks:


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Rub That Smile:

It is a huge mistake to smile when the customers are angry, there is nothing more annoying for customers to see their representative’s smile when they are fuming with anger. It’s as if the representative is not able to empathize with the emotion of the customer.

Deal With The Feelings Of The Customers:

Genuineness and honesty has its own set of dimensions which is powerful and they go a very long way to build relationships. Similarly if you appear genuine the customers will be able to relate with you. For an instance, you could use quotes like, “I understand how you feel…” or “I’m sorry we put you in this position”. Be on their side and hear them out. Sometimes it is important to use the same tone as customers and when your tone matches with their voice then they subconsciously sense a friend in you and their frustration will ease.

Be A Listener:

While the customer keeps blabbering about his problems don’t throw your opinions on him instead listen attentively till he has completed his story. This will not only help you devise solution to their problems but the customers will be able to confide on you. Once they are composed then explain your position to him as to the probable circumstances that might have taken place.

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Apologize Firmly:

You need not sound like a weakling while apologizing and you need not use the word sorry for its way too overused. You could say something like, “For what’s worth to you, I truly apologize for your set of troubles. We never meant for things to take this course but now that it has happened I will see what I can do”.

Resolve Their Problem:

Put your words into action and this will perhaps be the strongest point of all and make sure you do. Sooner or later make sure you follow up.

Generally it is a wise decision to confide with the customer emotionally rather than being abusive. Weather out the emotional bank of abusive words, complaints and be calm and the customers will respect you even more. Imagine a day when you enter a store but you were launched into amounts of complaints and instead the salesperson handles the entire situation in a composed and professional manner. Weren’t you filled great amount of admiration and respect for that lad? Same rule applies to us. It is always advisable to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and perhaps you will be able to relate with the anger.

The toughest part in this ordeal is to deal with your own anger. Recognizing your own source of anger will help you empathize with the customer in different scenarios, which will make you more compassionate. Anger if reciprocated with anger, then the solution can never be derived instead the anger of two different people will keep piling up which can lead to disastrous circumstances. If anger is instead handled with kindness and compassion, the subconscious mind fills with curiosity which sends out signal that something is terribly wrong and the infuriated person will pay attention. It will take time but eventually the anger yields because it begins to feel embarrassed for behaving silly.

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Take out a moment and examine the reasons for anger. According to Buddha, “By observing intensely you can discover the causes of anger and if you find that you were the reason for anger then it’s wise to accept your misconduct. If you are not the reason for the anger then find out ways to clear the misunderstanding. This will help you avoid creating more suffering to yourself and the other person”.

Amelia RobertAbout the Author:Amelia Robert is a call center outsourcing industry analyst, and writes about technology. As marketing and customer service manager at Vcall Global, her role has been instrumental in assisting businesses to choose the right BPO services. With her involvement in Vcall Global, she is actively involved and up to date with the latest news on call center and BPO industry.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Very useful tips! Despite the call center agents know that “a client is always right no matter what” – they can’t control their emotions sometimes. Your article may be used as an instruction for them! 🙂

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