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Top 7 Microsoft Office 365 & Its Updated Tools

A subscription service that provides basic productivity application requirements for the users in the new expertise to get work done. The productivity application includes a spreadsheet, a calendar, a word processor, and a presentation application. The suite of productivity applications is continually improving because of Office 365.

Premium subscription to Office 365 includes the following applications:


This is an application that sets word processor standard, and it can be available for both Premium and businesses with Office 365. This tool is useful for those who need to create documents.


Outlook solution is used in an appointment calendar and for managing emails. This application is available for both Premium and business.


It requires more formal and more permanent than a presentation at a meeting in communicating information for more people.


Storage is an essential cloud-based application. Microsoft has the capability in providing 1TB of cloud storage in the form of an application which is nothing but OneDrive.


Each of Office 365 in the business adoption contains an Exchange Server that can handle the duties of email management. Each user can have 50GB storage for email. Exchange server maintenance can be treated at the level of administration.

Skype For Business:

Video conferencing is termed as one of the essential tools for a workplace in mobile expertise. The expertises can host the video conferencing meetings and unlimited online videos around 250 people.

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Collaboration Tools:

Office 365 contains many of the collaboration tools such as Yammer, Delve, and Sway along with the productivity applications. These tools are very much useful for the users to brainstorm ideas, to communicate, share videos, and also to conduct video meetings.


The spreadsheet is considered as the workhorse in fundamental data analysis because of its discoveries back in the century before.


Capturing information is considering more important as the workplace is becoming mobilized. OneNote is the application that can able to allow more users in taking notes on any other devices. That’s why OneNote is considered as the basic productivity cloud application.

Power BI:

Power BI is considered as one of the most expert tools regardless of the business applications gathering and size. The Power BI application provides the enterprises with sorting, collecting, and presenting the intelligence data in business.


Mobile communications are essential for many organizations in which the Kaizala application adds secured workflow application and mobile messaging, which can deploy in both externally and internally. Employees, vendors, and customers can all coordinate and communicate with each other in this secure environment.


All the subscriptions of Office 365 include the reliable guarantee of 99.99% of uptime. Enterprise administrators can handle the internal access permissions by using the tools of Active Directory. Almost five layers of proactive monitoring security layers help safeguard the data.


Powerapps helps in creating sophisticated applications using procedures, features, and processes in Office 365.

Small Business Support:

Microsoft has been updated and added new business applications in Office 365. Those applications are now helpful in products (Invoicing), business book clients(Bookings), and Invoice for services.


Updated Tools For Microsoft Office 365:

Microsoft has announced a group of tooling updates by using Azure solutions and Office 365. The organizations are setting new tools for different operations. There is a new tool for ProPlus security purposes and also a new tool SharePoint online page optimization. In addition to this, there is also a Powershell 7 preview released.

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The following are the various updates of Microsoft Azure portal:

  • Microsoft 365 Admin Center Templates
  • Office 365 Security Policy Advisor
  • Page Diagnostics for Sharepoint Online
  • Powershell 7 Preview 4
  • Cascadia Code Font and Windows Terminal
  • Azure Portal Updates
  • Building own Security Apps

1.) Microsoft 365 Admin Center Templates:

The Microsoft Office 365 Center management includes the savable templates to set up Office 365 access very easily. By using the active users of the portal’s page, they can be created after the setups of IT pro access for the Office 365 user. The new templates are handy for the end-users of the organization.

2.) Office 365 Security Policy Advisor:

Microsoft announced that its clients for Office 365 Security ProPlus reached the general availability that means it is released commercially. Security advisors help through Office 365 clients. It can also offer suggestions based on security policies. It also has security policies that affect users in the form of a dashboard.

3.) Page Diagnostics For Sharepoint Online:

Recently, Microsoft released the latest version 2.0.1 of page diagnostics in SharePoint online. The primary enhancement of this page diagnostics is its ability to assess the SharePoint point. This page diagnostics tool is not doesn’t work for the SharePoint server at the data center of the organization.

4.) Powershell 7 Preview 4:

Microsoft released an announcement of releasing updated Powershell 7 (version 4). The commercial release of “general availability” can be expected in January 2020. This Powershell 7- Version 4 can also be called as “Long Term Servicing.” It follows the “Modern Lifecycle Support Policy”, which the Powershell 7 users must update the products within the time of six months after the upgrades released by Microsoft.

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5.) Cascadia Code Font And Windows Terminal:

Microsoft released a Cascadia code font at the repository of Github. It allows the users to create “programming ligatures” in which the characters are combined such as “=” and “>” symbols to create a greater-than-or-equal symbol. The Cascadia code font was designed by assuming “Windows Terminal” in mind. Cascadia is the word derived from Microsoft code of “Windows Terminal.”

6.) Azure Portal Updates:

The Azure Portal Update is used to add the experience of new Azure SQL “unified” to the Azure Portal in which Microsoft defined in an easy way to invent, create, and manage the SQL databases, pools, instances, and virtual machines. Sometimes, the portal may suggest using which resources based on the requirements of the application.

7.) Building Own Security Apps:

Microsoft published a white paper on building its security solutions by using the Application Programming Interface (API). The Microsoft Graph is nothing but a collection of APIs to access Microsoft online service information. Delivering security alerts also comes under the white paper app building.


The Microsoft Office 365 updated tools and their applications are very recent and most secure versions as they are continuously updating regularly. In every enterprise, the workers need knowledge in handling a calendar application and an email account. In addition to that, the knowledgeable worker should use a word processor once in a while. Thus the Microsoft Office 365 tools are essential for every working individual in the enterprise.

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