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8 Tactics To Boost Twitter Presence Online

Twitter is a social media platform that businesses should never miss when planning their marketing strategy. After all, there are millions of active users on this platform every month. However, just simply creating an account would not be enough. One should work hard to boost their presence as well. So, here are 8 tactics that you can use to boost your presence on the said platform.

#1) Engage With Other Users

It would be a good tactic for you to start engaging with other Twitter users, especially your customers. For example, you can respond to their tweets, or you can also retweet their content whenever you can. By doing this, other users would also pay more attention to whatever you are tweeting. So, spend some time interacting with other users in any way that you can.

#2) Keep Your Tweets Short

As much as possible, limit your tweets to 140 characters for most people are not fond of reading lengthy posts. Also, the posts that are likely to get shared are the short ones. So, when creating your tweets, make sure that they are straight to the point, complete with the user tags and the hashtags. If you want others to share it, then cut down your content.

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#3) Use Images

Did you know that you can actually increase retweets when you use images? Yes, images capture the attention of other Twitter users. It also provides them an idea of what your post is all about. Images can also increase the number of clicks on your content. In addition to that, there is no denying that with millions of tweets every day, those that come together with photos tend to stand out more as compared to others, mainly because they are more visually appealing. So, the next time you tweet, combine text with an image.


#4) Post Videos

Just as much as how images can draw the attention of the other users, videos can also be a very effective way of boosting presence and driving more engagement. While before, you can only post text and images, now, you can record a video on your phone or upload an already existing one. For example, if you would be launching a new product on the market, you might as well introduce it to your followers in the form of a video. You can also provide your followers a “behind the scenes” look at your events through a video. You can expect to get more replies, favorites, and retweets by doing it.

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#5) Choose The People That You Follow

Surely, you want to boost your presence. That’s why you may even want to buy twitter followers. However, instead of just randomly clicking on the follow button, you should choose the people that you follow. Follow the influencers in your niche if there are any or other people who can help you stay updated in the industry.

#6) Create Polls

Want to engage with your followers? It is actually quite simple. You can just create a poll. It may be anything that has something to do with your business. Believe it or not, people are willing to share their opinions on social media platforms like this one. Engaging with your followers can also be a way for you to gain their trust, as it can make them feel that their opinions matter a lot for you. Aside from that, you can also use it as an opportunity to acquire some useful information or data about them that you can use to improve your products and services.

#7) Buy Twitter Followers

When you buy Twitter followers, you can boost your presence almost immediately. Having a lot of followers can help you build credibility and boost your brand image online. It is a cheap and easy way to boost your marketing campaign. Also, there are now companies who offer such services without the need for you to disclose your account password to them. It is also now possible for you to buy them for as low as $1.

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#8) Don’t Forget To Use Hashtags

Now, if you don’t have extra money to buy Twitter followers, there is no need for you to be in despair for there is another tactic that you can use and that is using hashtags. Using hashtags is actually an easy way to boost your presence as it allows other users to easily search for a certain topic. Your tweets should have at least 1-3 hashtags. You can also use your company name as one of your hashtags and of course, a combination of words that are relevant to your business or your industry.

As the year 2018 has just started, it would be a good idea for you to exert more effort on Twitter marketing. Consider the tactics listed above to yield the results you have always wanted to achieve.

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