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9 Features Every Career Portal Should Have Today

A start to finish Career Portal Solution guarantees that you get every value of the worth of your investment via automating various parts of the recruitment procedure. While, since these solutions are costly with significantly higher switching costs, it is essential to examine their utility. The present technically knowledgeable generation utilizes the internet for everything directly from ordering food to getting hired. Also, toady candidates depend much more on the internet than some other sources like newspaper or networking.

The journey to looking through a job on the internet starts with registration on job portals in PHP source code and every job aspirant does that then there comes that twist, where not many candidates get faster responses and job offers while others simply reduce as one record in the database of the portal. This happens because candidates overlook the need of understanding job portals and its highlights which can just and accelerate their job search.

Table of Contents

Features Every Career Portal Should Have:

1.) Understand The Importance:

Job portal plays a significant job in creating the gap between the job seekers and recruiters. The certified job searchers scan for a spot where they can apply their skills and knowledge to expand in the professional sector. Then, the recruiters additionally search for the applicants that have the correct talent, aptitude, efficiency, and qualification that can satisfy the vacancy. In simple words, it is where the job seekers, regardless of whether fresher or experienced, and employers meet to satisfy each other’s prerequisites.

2.) Learn Some More About Job Portals:

Aside from a platform serving recruiters and job seekers, there are diverse things about job portal that you have to know. Since the job recruitment organizations and job searchers stay dynamic on job portals after making their particular profiles. Choosing the right job portal is fundamental since it gives the surety of the job opportunities not being produced.

3.) Engage Tools For Employer Branding:

When presenting job advertisements on a community of new talent, it is essential to be aware of the association’s brand picture being depicted. Since candidates tend to be far-located in regards to their profession in job portal in PHP source code, they center more around the association than the job itself. In this manner, your portal should offer a window into your work culture as opposed to evidently posting down all vacancies.

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4.) Features Providing A Winning Applicant Experience:

Here’s the truth: Applicants don’t care for filling long forms. In this way, it’s imperative to confirm the variety of alternatives the software furnishes to catch candidate information with insignificant friction. Structured information is likewise urgent to take into consideration for the in-depth search and filtration later on.


5.) Features To Automate And Streamline HR Processes:

Helping associations accomplish consistent HR procedures keeps running at the very center of an ATS. Accordingly, the framework should facilitate numerous sore focuses looked by HR managers to completely deliver on its motivation. Here are some basic areas your framework should deal on its own.

  • Candidate Tracking
  • Communication Templates

6.) Schedule A Hassle-Free Interview:

The platform should bolster simple interview scheduling where interviewers and applicants can concur on a commonly appropriate interview time without the need of manual arrangement through call/email coordination. This will save recruiters’ time and will diminish no-appears through automated calendar updates for the two parties.

7.) Smart Ways To Identify And Capture Relevant Talent:

Regardless of how specific your job advertisements are, there is a high possibility you’ll wind up with various unimportant CVs. In this manner, having a solution with a solid filtration system can spare a great deal of time for recruiters enabling them to concentrate on great applicants. Few features for securing the relevant talent profiles:

  • Auto-screening: Applicants should be filtered through dependent on different criteria before shortlisting.
  • Amazing CV Search: Being ready to filter through CVs dependent on applicant’s past job experience, industry, company profile, and job role are for the most part significant features.
  • Surveys/Tests: Psychometric tests are becoming progressively well known in associations as a vital part of hiring.
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8.) Ability To Hook Into Different Set Of Candidate Sources:

Recruiters normally utilize different intends to source great candidates when filling a job vacancy. Your solution should enable your recruitment team to bring together the entirety of their recruitment efforts into one solidified pool of talent while giving them incredible insights and tools to check which wellspring of candidates is working best for your association.

9.) Features To Improve And Measure HR Processes:

To precisely check whether the Career Portal Solution increased the value of your association, it is imperative to have methods for estimating its ROI in quantifiable measurements.

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