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7 Ways To Boost Your Website Credibility Quotient

With the world going totally digital, companies across the globe are joining the online bandwagon. Internet marketing has become a buzzword in everyday life, facilitating enterprises to sell goods and services online. Having a great web presence is vital for brand recognition and sustenance. An attractive website is one of the sure shot ways of garnering attention from people. Just by looking at the website, people build a perception in their minds; thereby making it imperative for organizations to build top-notch websites that help create a good impression and build a relationship between the brand and the customer.

1.) Improve Your Site Design:

In order to enhance profitability, company today spend sufficient amount of time and money into improving the design of their website. It is said that it takes only a fraction of a second for people to judge a website, solely based on its appearance. Hence in order to build a trust relationship with customers, designing an eye-catching website is crucial. Web designers need to first understand the effect different colours have on different people. The colours used in web design also need to reflect the features of the product as well as the ideologies of the brand. The website should convey the right message to the audience, in order to receive the right response. It should be easy to navigate, good to look at and should be able to catch the attention of the user for a prolonged period of time. A web design which is successful in doing this, is a website that excels.

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2.) Contact Information Easy To Find:

The sole objective of building a good website is to improve sales thereby augmenting the ROI. While building a website, organizations need to keep in mind that the website should provide the users with suitable information. A website might provide all the information and FAQs that prospective customers seek but there are chances that the customer is looking for something more. Hence it is vital for the web design to be such that the contact information of the enterprise is easily accessible. Inserting a simple contact form in a website makes it easy for people to get in touch with the firm. It is advisable to include a phone number or a social media link through which people can contact the company. Additionally, since Internet users have instant access to information, there are a majority of users who want instant responses to their queries. One of the most plausible ways to immediately address such questions is to devise a live chat. Web designers can enable this option for quick interaction with prospective customers. Company that come across as responsive help build a sense of trust and dependability in the minds of people.

3.) Client Testimonials:

One of the most fruitful ways of marketing a brand is to showcase the views and experiences of happy customers. Customer satisfaction is essential as it helps organizations manage and improve their business in a rewarding manner and in turn leads to brand loyalty. Word-of-mouth marketing has known to result in immense credibility. Enterprises that bank on such customers end up improving their profits manifold. Embedding client testimonials in web design helps create a positive impression in prospective customers who feel a sense of trust towards the product or service. Organizations can collect such information from customers by sending a simple email and asking them to rate the product or service. Posting this information on the website will build trust with prospective customers.


4.) Avoid Dead Links:

A dead link is one of the easiest ways for an organization to lose credibility. Enterprises today devote a lot of time and energy in building striking websites that lead to customer gratification. But sometimes, all the trust and goodwill that a company has earned goes down the drain when a user experiences a dead link. Hence it is vital for the web design to be such that all the links in the website function properly. Web designers can incorporate various online tools like Google Webmaster that monitor website activity and showcase links which send users to error pages. In order to ensure a smooth and satisfactory web experience, dead links need to be eliminated.

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5.) Create A Blog:

Creating a blog is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to enhance Internet marketing efforts, drive traffic to a website thereby increasing the share of prospective customers. Blogging helps organizations foster long-standing relationships with current and future customers. By creating a blog page during web design, organizations can provide valuable and expert information to web users. Such information, over time, results in higher customer conversion rates. Blogs also help people connect to the brand and demonstrates a personal side of business that further validates the firm as credible. Additionally, a question and answer at the end of every blog aids in initiation of a conversation with customers, which helps build a rapport and gain valuable insight into what customers are actually looking for.

6.) Ensure Your Website Is Up-To-Date:

Easy navigation, consistent uptime and quick loading speeds are essential elements of a good website. However, in order to ensure health of your website, it is crucial for the web design to be up-to-date. Every piece of information on the website should be correct and updated; from contact information, to the product and services listings, news feeds, blogs and social media updates. Outdated information might be misleading to customers, hampering the success of the organization’s Internet marketing campaign.

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7.) Show Online Presence:

Company that come across as active and responsive are known to result in a positive response from customers. Online presence and social media updates help in enhancing the credibility and trustworthiness of web design. It encourages customers and makes them feel confident about the brand. Hence it is vital for organizations to engage with customers on a regular basis so as to reassure reliability and integrity.


Developing and maintaining an effective website is one of the cornerstones of a successful enterprise. With these tips, organizations can look to cultivate positive relationships with customers, receive constructive feedback from them, improve credibility of their brand and thus resulting in increased website traffic and sales.

Keval PadiaAbout the Author:Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing mobile & web application development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.

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