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How To Get An Affordable Logo Design For Your Business?

A business logo is one of the essential things in any company. People may forget the name of your company, but they will always remember your logo. Once they see it once or twice, it sticks in their mind for the rest of their life.

Logo designs are not a cheap affair, and it usually becomes even more difficult for small business owners. Paying a professional to do a logo for you is a milestone that very few companies have managed to achieve to date. Not because they don’t want to get perfect work done for them but due to the fee charged.

When small business owners think of creating a logo to represent their business brand or identity, it would be wise to look for cheaper and affordable tools. The good news is that there are many free and accessible logo maker tools that they can use to achieve their goal. However, before they make up their mind of the tool to choose, they must have an idea of what they are looking for. They must know the color scheme of the logo, the feel, personality as well as the best font to use. This ensures that the logo will be consistent with the general branding of the company.

Below are a few ways that a small business owner can get logos for their businesses at an affordable price.

Using Logomyway.Com Logo Maker:

LogoMyWay is a well-known logo design collection that exhibits logos from all parts of the world designed by their logo design community. In LogoMyWay, you get the assurance of interacting with thousands of artistic logo designers from every part of the world. These logo creators are always waiting to create an exclusive, imaginative, and astonishing logo design for you.

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The LogoMyWay logo maker has been a great choice of many small business owners seeking to get a logo for their business due to its reasonable charges. LogoMyWay designers understand the significance of a correctly branded company. Therefore, they take time to develop a relationship before creating their logo so that they can realize their vision and goals. This helps them in creating a memorable and eye-catching logo for your company.

A basic logo on logoMyWay costs as low $25; however, it is not editable. If you need an enterprise logo, you should be ready to part with at least $65 and 175$, respectively. You can get a high-resolution logo for as low as 39.95 USD, while those that do not require high-resolution files come at no cost. A free web logo makes it possible for you to design and copy-paste the access code for accessing the sample designs from the LogoMyWay server.

Graphic Design Services:

We have hundreds of logo design companies on the web providing excellent services. You will also have access to affordable and impressive logo design services. Hence, it will be easy to select the cheapest design package that has essential features.

Some packages are preferred for small entrepreneurs who need a logo to market their business. These design services are tailor-made to fit into any budget set by small business owners. It is, however, wise to take your time before settling on any logo design service providers available online. Apart from the cost of the service, consider also the quality of the logo design they have done before. An extensive comparison will give you a quality package that will perfectly fit your budget.

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Crowdsourcing of logo designs is becoming very popular in today’s market. This is not only explicitly meant for logo designs only but also other graphic designs. This has mostly been contributed by many designers working on a single logo design contest. Today’s online design platforms are flocked by both small and medium business owners who need a quality logo design that is affordable.

In the market today, it is possible to have a well-done logo design for as low as 300 USD and below. Comparing the quality of the logo designs you get, this is a much cheaper expenditure compared to what professional individuals charge their clients. Many people also prefer Crowdsourcing because it gives you access to countless number of design concepts that have been presented by different designers all over the world.


Another very common tool that many people are using to get affordable logo designs is by using freelancers. Most freelancers do a quality job and are way cheaper than professional logo designers. This is because; they don’t have many expenses like managing offices and supporting staff. At the same time, many freelancers focus on making a name for themselves rather than making a lot of profit from a deal. Therefore, they are ready to go out of their way to create an impressive portfolio for you, hoping that you’ll send them more referrals in the future.

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The fact that many freelancers are not busy, they tend to create better logos and other graphic designs than professional companies. Therefore you need to take enough time when shopping for a freelancer to work with to ensure you get the best.

Participating In A Logo Contest:

A logo contest involves many designers competing to create a winning design according to specifications given by a client. The client provides a design brief and the contest’s cash prize and starts the contest. Once the designers join the competition, they start submitting the designs according to the given brief.

The clients will then give feedback and additional information to help designers improve on their designs. A winner is then picked and receives the prize money. On the other hand, the client gets full copyright and the design files of the winning design.

Competing in a logo contest is preferred by many small business owners as it is a cheap way of getting the best logos. The fact that many designers join the competition gives you a great variety to choose from. Hence, the chances of getting good quality logo designs are very high.


Your business is the first thing that people see when they login to your website. Hence, you need to ensure that you get the best there is. Therefore, as far as you are looking for an affordable logo, never overlook the quality. With the list above ways of getting a logo design, you can never go wrong. Please choose the one that works well for you or try them all and go with the best results.

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