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How To Choose Right Social Media Page Design That Supports Your Brand?

Looking for the kind of design that can take your social media page from awful to awesome? A design that can take elements of your brand and showcase those elements to the world in a way that’s even more awesome. And because it’s so awesome, your target audience will have absolutely no choice but to bow in awe of your brand’s greatness and might.

The Power Of Potential:

Finding creative work that can summon that kind of attention and interest from your target audience might sound difficult, even downright impossible. However, with the growing number of crowdsourcing platforms online, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Contests on social media page design by Designhill, for one, offer countless opportunities for that. With so many designers trying their luck and honing their skill, who knows? You might just find a diamond in the rough. With a little feedback, a bit of instructions and a dash of encouraging conversation, you might have the perfect social media page design in your hands, just a revision or two away.

The Magic Of Details:

At this point, you’ve already crowdsourced the page design via a contest. You’re just waiting for the winning entry to land on your lap.

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What do you think will set apart the great ones, the ones on your shortlist, from the rest of the insipid and woefully uninspired pieces of creative work? In a word, details. The right ones.

And how can you tell the details are the right ones? It’s when everything in the page design—whether a color, image, font, word or the overall voice in the design—speaks to your target market and resonates with them in the best way. So that when they look at the design, it’s their experience, their voice, their taste they see.

That’s the kind of creative work you need, one that attracts interest, one compelling enough that your audience won’t stand a chance of getting away, at least not right that instant, or anytime soon. And by the time they do, your brand, service and product would already, probably, have worked their magic on them. So they end up hooked and you can look forward to adding another batch of happy consumers to a growing list of customers.


The Battle For Attention:

With so many media pages out there, it’s no longer enough that you have an online presence. You’ve got to battle it out with other sites, other social media pages, other twitter feeds, as well. The rule of this game is simple: you’ve got to get—and hold—the attention of your target audience. Or hold it long enough until they’ve paid for your product or service.

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Since the Internet is filled to the brim with e-commerce sites or social media pages trying to do just that, it’s vital that your page design capture your target audience’s interest right from the get-go. Don’t give them a chance to change their minds, to close your page. Remember, you’re just one click away from oblivion. So make sure everything on the page—from the content to the design—all come together in a way that makes customers want to know more about your brand, want to stay.

The Grand Scheme Of Things:

Organization is important in your page design. The right social media page design should be laid out in such a way that certain elements in the page pop up. For instance, in the grand scheme of things, important links shouldn’t be buried under the fold or at the bottom of the page. For another, the logo should be visible. Contact details should be easy to find. These elements should be in a clutter-free space.

In addition, there should be more space for images than texts. Visitors often shy away from text-heavy pages. Placement of the images is also crucial. You wouldn’t want any portion of an image overlapping with the content.

The Right Images:

One thing that affects the visual appeal of your page design are photos. Sticky images are a good choice. Relevant images, those that have a clear connection to the site and your brand, also work. Photos that showcase your services or products must also be part of the list, as are images that convey your brand’s personality. Also remember to use images that appeal to the emotions of your audience. And whatever you do, never forget to play by the rules. That means posting only photos or images that meet with the approval of the social media channel you’re using. Otherwise, you could get the account suspended over the use of an inappropriate photo.

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Compatibility With Mobile:

Don’t forget to have those images displayed in the right size. Since consumers will be viewing your page from different devices and platforms, ensuring that the photos aren’t compromised by channel or multi-platform viewing is a must.

So if your social media page design fails to incorporate all these into an engaging whole, one that supports your brand, now’s your chance. Go for the change. It’s never too late to get your social media page back on track.

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