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Inadequacy Of Banking Apps: You Can’t Afford To Miss These Five

Though, there are a lot of banking apps available for consumers, the small business groups and even some large enterprises are still restricted in their capacity to determine the status of things from their smart phones, tablets and other similar devices.

The statistics show that there are less than 150 apps offered by banks exclusively for businesses while on the other hand, the apps exclusively designed for consumers are plentiful. It might be quite astounding that the alternatives are so limited for extremely busy businessmen as well as businesswomen and thus they can’t afford to miss the apps actually available to them.

1.) CEO Mobile By Wells Fargo: An Online Banking Platform:

Experience Uninterrupted Business and Banking Activities. This application proposes forty diverse functions to its commercial consumers. It initiates wires for buying cards; the clients can upload the receipts of expense. It was initially introduced by a bank in San Francisco, which was amongst the first to initiate an online banking forum for business. You can do the following activities with CEO Mobile App:

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  • Monitor bank balances
  • Make online transactions
  • Allow outgoing payments
  • Deposit cheques whenever you want
  • Get alerts on major transactions
  • Control commercial cards

Download From:

2.) Pinacle By PNC: Intuitive App For Commercial Clients:

Once you have Pinacle App, you will be able to have an immediate access to PNC Bank’s mobile banking and corporate portal. However, the service is exclusively offered to PINACLE operators who are not charged any additional fees. Some of the most important features that you would like to get from this app are as follow:


  • Approve wire transfers
  • View balance and transactions
  • Initiate real-time account transfers
  • Control payments features
  • Search for bunch or individual transactions
  • Get quick notifications

Download From:

3.) Access Mobile By JPMorgan Chase: A Secure App:

JPMorgan’s Access emerges because of the obstacle in adopting mobile banking by the business clients as they have concerns about the security. This app is consisted upon verification components which include voice and screen-lock design. There are log-off options placed throughout the application for a speedy way. However, it is available for use with pre-authorization only for J.P. Morgan ACCESS® clients. Some of its features are:


  • Instant access to information related to account balances and other transactions
  • The informative is available in various languages
  • Approve/rejects payments and cheques
  • Get real-time updates and notifications
  • Use strong security features to secure business data
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Download From:


4.) SVB Mobile Banking By SVB Financial Group: Payments In Multiple Currencies:

The Silicon Valley Bank has built up itself as an experienced mobile banker for the businesses. It emphasized on the innovation as the association includes the capacity, for example, the capacity to support a high volume of installments in numerous monetary forms rapidly to the application, while as yet building-with sufficient protection to offer some assistance to the finance groups by approving the exchanges. As of late, the organization is dealing with combining corporate card administration into the application. Some of its features are as follow:


  • Manage commercial banking
  • Manage credit cards
  • Approve or reject scheduled payments
  • Deposit cheques
  • Make secured funds transfer

Download From:

Note: Bonus App for Small Business Owners.

5.) Open Forum By American Express: The News App:

Grow Your Business with Daily Digest Written by Small Business Experts. Open Forum has recently been redesigned and personalized for easy accessibility by the business community as it was initially developed as a news website. The users could stipulate the kind of news they need any time they want. The upgraded app is perfectly fit on a variety of interests and can easily be adjusted within everyone’s schedule of entrepreneurs and small business owners: Some of its features are as follow:

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  • Get the information you need in your digest
  • Set a daily reminder to go through important news and updates
  • Read informative articles, quotes and lists
  • Use calendar feature and go through the stuff you have missed
  • Enjoy offline availability feature

Download From:

  • Google Play
  • iTunes
Kaitlin PatrickAbout the Author:

Kaitlin Patrick completed her MBA in 2010 and joined a leading local bank in Ontario, Canada. With the passage of time, she developed her interest in blogging and soon become part of ENOSITE Inc. serving make your own website service, a Toronto based IT company.

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