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5 Copywriting Tips To Make Sure Your Content Ranks In Google

Our technological reality is such that writing for the sake of the process no longer makes sense. The amount of content published online is growing exponentially. Therefore, copywriters have to adapt not only to user requests but also to the strict rules of indexing web pages by search engines. In this article, we talk about what you should pay attention to so that your articles are ranked better and gradually move to the top.

Write For Your Target Audience:

It would seem that this is such a simple tip – to understand who you are writing for before you start. Just for some reason, many copywriters continue to hone their ability to pour water and splurge instead of concentrating on the problem of the target audience and suggesting a solution to it.

When an article is written simultaneously for everyone and for no one (except the copywriter himself, of course, who just wants to get paid for it), it has no chance of rising in the results of the issue. All efforts will be spoiled by bad behavioral factors when users bounce off your article by reading the first couple of paragraphs or even headings.

Therefore, having decided on the target audience, you need to determine the problem that this article solves. For example, this article solves the problem of improving the visibility of content on Google. Its target audience is copywriters and business owners who do not understand why they paid money to copywriters.

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And the whole problem may turn out to be an insufficient analysis of the target audience and its problems. Everything here operates on the principle of marketing – if you offer a product to people who are not interested, they will not buy it. If you write an article for people who are not concerned about a specific problem, they will not read it. And Google will not index it, respectively.

Track The Indicators Of Effectiveness:

Many copywriters believe that their work ends when the text is sent to the customer. However, it is not so. Yes, you can begin to be indignant, because practice proves the opposite. The goal of any article written by a copywriter is to attract a new target audience, improve the position of the site through positive behavioral factors, stimulate users to perform a targeted action, or even increase sales. And if this goal was not realized, then the text itself loses its meaning.

Therefore, after the publication of an article, it makes sense to track its effectiveness. It is necessary to ask the customer direct questions about the result and propose additional improvements if something went wrong. Only constant work on your content gives it a chance to get on top of Google.


Add Some Visuals And Media:

Now copywriters will be even more outraged than in the previous paragraph and will begin to prove that the visual component is the work of the designer. And they will be right in something. However, practice shows that sometimes a copywriter copes with the visual support of an article better than a designer.

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At the very least, this is not a difficult task for a copywriter to find a suitable video on YouTube since he is a priori better versed in the topic than the designer. This is not a difficult task for a copywriter to add infographics to his article with a link to the source. And the copywriter will definitely not be overworked if he gives the designer some advice on what to draw so that the pictures correspond to the topic of the article as much as possible.

Everything regarding graphic materials that should be unique, of course, refers to the field of activity of the designer. But all the visual materials that reinforce the article and make it more engaging, is the responsibility of the copywriter. And this is not such hard work, by the way.

Post Your Content On The Right Platforms:

We have already said a few words about the target audience, but this is not enough to determine the portrait and the problem of your reader. It is still necessary to publish your article on a site that your target readers visit. This seems obvious, but the Internet is full of sites that are teeming with articles of the most varied subjects – from baby booties to auto parts. It’s scary even to imagine what a person who reads this whole rainbow mix looks like.

Therefore, after determining the target audience, it is imperative to correctly determine its habitat, so that positive behavioral factors themselves push your article to the top of search results. And this is especially true in the case of guest posting when the desire to get a few backlinks overshadows all reasonable arguments.

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For guest posting to make sense both in terms of backlinks (which of course increase the position of the site you are linking to) and in terms of reaching the target audience, it is necessary to publish articles on the right sites.

Leave A Room For Improvements:

Remember, we said a few words about the need to track performance? So, this action is also good because you can get valuable advice from users on how to improve your content. Very often, users read the article to the end, but then they have questions that they leave in the comments in the hope of getting an answer.

And this is a great reason to improve your article according to user requests, because if one of them asked a question, then this is a clear signal that other readers might think the same thing, but were too shy to ask.

Therefore, always return to published articles, review comments, write down good questions to continue your article and further improve the time spent on the page. Following this approach, it is possible to turn a small post into a full-fledged guide, fill it with the right keywords that will be indexed by a search engine, plus add more visual materials for better engagement.

In other words, the limit of perfection does not exist. The only limit is the top position of search results, which you need to strive for.

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Ben Grant is a blog writer and LinksManagement contributor. He likes to discuss modern literature trends and books, as well as give personal tips on how to improve your writing style.

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