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Getting Better With A Growth Mindset? Develop A Growth Mindset

The typical definition of mindset is ‘a person’s way of thinking and his opinions.’ However, it has changed ever since renowned psychologist Carol Dweck identified two categories of mindset, which can bring various effects. One is the fixed mindset, which leaves you in a slump, and the other one is the growth mindset. The growth mindset benefits you and everyone else.

Dweck defines mindset as a ‘self-perception’ of how people think about themselves and their environment. For example, one can say, ‘I am a great writer,’ or ‘I cannot draw well,’ if that is how they think of themselves. No matter who you are, you certainly have a mindset that guides you in life.

What Is A Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset encourages people to develop their personalities and grow as individuals. Instead of pulling them down, this outlook heartens a person to flourish by learning from failures and challenges. In some cases, it gives people a second chance in life by enabling them to correct their traits.

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The growth mindset benefits not only the person in question but also the people around him or her, with astonishing results. This kind of perception evolves into what you can see as ‘success’. At the moment, it takes time and effort, but it is worth it.

How Do You Develop A Growth Mindset?

1.) Know That You Are Imperfect:

A person with a growth mindset acknowledges that he is not perfect. Once he learns to accept that, he can make room for changes.

2.) Acknowledge Challenges:

One thing that limits a person with a fixed mindset is facing challenges. When it stands in the way, he stops and tries to avoid it. However, the one with the growth mindset sees it as an opportunity to make himself or herself better.

3.) Try Different Learning Strategies:

The world is as complicated as it is; what works for John, may not work for Peter. So do not let your fears hinder you; instead, see what type of learning tactic works best for you.

4.) Do Not Seek Approval:

If there is one big difference between these two mindsets, it is in the person’s approval-seeking capability. A person with a fixed mindset works hard to get the support of others, while the one with the growth mindset works hard to get the approval of himself or herself.

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5.) Know Your Purpose:

Dweck’s studies direct people with a growth mindset to know the purpose of why they are changing and what they want to achieve.

6.) Enjoy The Process:

One of the most freeing factors of adopting a growth mindset is it gives leeway for people to enjoy the process instead of the result. A fixed mindset pushes people to go beyond the limits of what they can provide, which is why it always weighs them down as they focus on the result.

Learning as you go is a better and brighter way to success. Not only do you enrich your knowledge, but it also encourages you to embrace the failures and faults encompassing the process.

Having a guiding mindset is not a conscious decision. A person may or may not be aware of his or her mindset. Nevertheless, it affects all aspects of his life, like relationships and professional achievements. Depending on the individual, the mindset can stay the same until the end or evolve as a person grows.

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