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5 Tips For Filing A Workers Compensation Claim

If you’re injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation payments from your employer or their insurance. You can file a claim and have it reviewed to determine if you’re eligible to receive monetary compensation that covers your personal expenses while you recover from your injury and are unable to work or work in a more limited capacity. These five tips can help make the process of filing for workers’ compensation easier and may also increase your chances of having your claim approved.

Don’t Procrastinate:

Your claim may be denied if you wait too long to file. You should also notify your employer of your injury as soon as possible. Medical care should be sought quickly so that a doctor can examine you and provide the documentation of your injury to help you prove your claim. Timing can be important when it comes to connecting your injury with being on the job. Additionally, the details that you can remember will be more clear closer to the time of the injury compared to waiting weeks to submit your claim. If the company you work for or the insurance company wants to fight the claim, a long wait to file may be used as evidence to support the company not needing to cover your medical bills or loss of wages or whatever you have outlined in your claim.

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Be Diligent About Keeping Records:

By keeping records of everything that pertains to your injury and workers’ compensation claim, you’ll have an easier time getting approved. It’s important to save copies of any records from your doctor before you submit them to the insurance company for review. You may also be entitled to receive reimbursement for medications and medical supplies. Even your gas and parking fees may be refunded if you can prove that these expenses were related to getting treatment for your injury. In addition to tracking the cost you are spending to care for your injuries, also consider tracking the time and challenges that you have during so. For example, if you have to take time off work to get medical care or if you aren’t able to go to the grocery store due to not being able to drive are both things to track and record for your claim.


Seek Legal Help:

Legal advisors who help clients with workers’ compensation claims are available to assist you throughout the process. A workers comp attorney can be hired to represent you and discuss your claim with the employer or insurance company if there are any problems with your claim being processed. Your attorney can also represent you in court if you need a judge to hear your case because of a claim dispute. Oftentimes, getting funds for lost wages or additional costs due to the injury is difficult to get on your own so an attorney can help you through the process. In addition, by getting legal help, you can focus more on your recovery and getting better instead of dealing with the system that can be difficult to manage for an inexperienced person.

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Know When You Can File A Lawsuit:

In most cases, you won’t be able to sue your employer if you were injured on the job and receive workers’ compensation to cover the expenses related to your injury and lost wages. However, if you can prove that the employer’s negligence or vindictiveness caused your injury, you can try filing a lawsuit for additional compensation. Your attorney can advise you on how to go about filing a lawsuit if you choose this option.

Be Persistent:

Employers must process workers’ compensation claims or submit these claims to their insurance companies within a certain timeframe, which often varies from state to state. You shouldn’t hesitate to follow up with your employer if you haven’t heard anything about your claim soon after the time period has expired. Further legal action may need to be taken if your employer hasn’t dealt with your claim in a timely manner.

Workers’ compensation may be your legal right if you sustained an injury while working. By filing your claim and following all the other important steps correctly, you’ll likely get the compensation you deserve.

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