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9 Best Web Development Practices That Actually Works This Year

In the growing market of web developers and designers. Good web design has been pretty hard to get by at. Every project has takes different kinds of mentality. That is why web developers like you should have a standard approach to making websites.

There are dozens upon dozens of important practices to always keep in mind while starting a project. They are both equally important to both practicing professionals and beginners in the field. The basics will always guide your way.

To help you perform better in developing sites here are 9 practical tips to keep your web development skills up to date.

1.) Minimalism Is Key:

With ever growing trends every year, it is always important to keep note that your design should be minimal. Meaning keeping the site layout clean and fresh. Easy to navigate in. Always keep in mind user experience with the interface of the site. A cluttered site is not a good site.

Minimalism is keeping the importance of things and throwing out any other elements that do little help or no added value to the site at all. It isn’t about being less but about keeping the focus on the important stuff.

2.) Standards Are The Rules:

Every typical plain of existence has its own bounds of rules, even the universe has one. Keeping your site in standardizing manner that everyone understood, will not only simplify your workflow but will ease users navigate the site as it follows standards.

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For example, Logos are always at the upper left side of the screen. And should redirect you to the home page whenever clicked.

3.) Clear And Simple Coding:

A cluttered code is hard to work with. So, make sure that your code is done simple and clear especially if it is a groups project. It will result in different kinds of frustration if the codes are really messy.

To make things clearer, keep in mind the comments. Has it written in a way that the whole group will understand what a certain line of code is for and its function for the site? Every code is aimed to solve a task or rather have a function. It is bad practice to type in unnecessary codes that do nothing in the long run.


4.) Cross-Platform User Experience:

Users are more certainly always on their phone and visiting your sites. So, it is also important to note that you should consider all kinds of gadgets when developing a site. User experience is one of the reasons why a visitor stays on a site.

Browsing your site on your phone shouldn’t look like browsing on a PC. Consider screen sizes and functions and factors to develop the ultimate user experience on a site. Make sure that all functions run on all devices accordingly.

5.) High Speed And Fast Download:

A fast and reliable site is always the real deal. While this may be difficult to maintain on high traffic site. Users always go for the fast loading screen hitting the close button then refresh, it is common trait users have. So always develop a site that is fast.

6.) Data Is Privacy:

No one in the right mind will invest in a bank that has no guards or doors. Same goes to a site that reeks in with other malicious content whether it might be there on purpose.

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Always keep in mind the security of the users and the site. Access permissions, database protect and HTTP connections. Never take it lightly and always approach with a precautionary measure. All users of the internet treat their security top priority especially large corporations. Don’t let your site be vulnerable with data theft and fraud. Putting your clients and your reputation at high risk.

7.) Consistency:

Keep the whole site consistent. It is confusing to navigate a site without direction. Keep all the brand concepts and ideas the same with the website. Consistency is the key. Use design elements that only reflect the idea of the brand to have a better flow throughout the site.

Keeping a consist design all throughout the page or for the whole site will tell visitors what kind of brand you are. Also, only use icons and other imagery that would fit your brand. If it’s a substandard content then its mediocre and should not support that kind of content. Only the best for the site matters.

8.) Optimize Your Site:

Incorporate Search Engine Optimization to your site. Traffic is important to a page and nothing drives more traffic than a site that is optimized. Keep all content compelling for all of your followers. Never forget tags and other SEO elements. Include XML sitemaps and schema.

SEO is the simplest yet effective way for a website to get traffic. Optimizing means having a set of keywords that push your site to the higher ranks of search results in engines like Google or Bing.

9.) Strong CTA’s:

A goal of a website is to target mass audiences and to tell customers what you can offer. Your end goal is making the visitor click on the buy button. This is called a Call-to-Action. A Strong CTA would not only generate sales but will make customers return to your site. So always keep it in mind when you are developing a site.

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CTA is also standards in web development and should be placed where the customers have easy access. Like the “Contact Us” button located either at the button of the page or the top right of the page. To let your visitors reach out to you when they have problems or suggestions.


With this guide, I hope that you have learned and will incorporate with your next development the practices listed above. And don’t forget the cliché but true, practice makes perfect! Learn and incorporate every day what you have learned all throughout the years.

Developing sites are really hard. And requires you to put in hours upon hours of work. With these practices, I hope that I have guided you in the right path to be the web developer superstar of today. These practices will not only be useful but hopefully will serve you as you go-to-guide in creating websites that every user and developers will gain stress-free.

Deepak ChauhanAbout the Author:

Deepak Chauhan is a digital business strategist and CEO of VOCSO based out of India, USA & UAE. The web business strategist, who has 12+ years of experience, has worked with many small businesses and startups across the globe to help them build successful websites/applications and launch them online with his strategic consulting. When not working, he enjoys traveling, writing, photography and satisfying his taste buds.

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      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your view. This will be very helpful to us to let us motivate to provide you with more awesome and valuable content from a different mind. Thanks again.

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