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How To Decide On The Right URLs For Your Landing Pages?

Landing pages are the life force of digital marketing; when optimizing your website for SEO, it’s vital that you include the right landing pages and fine-tune them. Every word should carry meaning, and the copy on each page should entice visitors to engage with your business and ask for more information.

Picking the URL for your landing pages can be tricky, but you shouldn’t consider them a separate entity from your website. Instead, view your landing pages as extensions of your existing design. Using some effective keywords will ensure that your next landing pages are optimized to succeed.

The Importance Of A Good URL:

Landing pages are designed to attract new traffic to your site and convert visitors into potential customers. You may want someone who lands on your page to sign up for a newsletter or enter their email to download some exclusive content.

Whatever your landing page is about, the URL has to not only reflect that value but also be structured properly for search engines to pick it up easily. If you use too many keywords, you’ll get flagged and marked down as spam. If you use too little, on the other hand, your content will go entirely unnoticed, and you’ll be spending precious time and money leaving valuable content unseen.


Creating The Right Landing Page URLs:

The value will come first and foremost, but you should also consider your audience. What are their searches like? If you are too descriptive, it’s likely that your target audience will never type the exact words you’re using in your URL. It’s important to tune into how humans naturally interact with the internet; most people aren’t going to look up, “What are the best plumbers in my greater San Francisco neighborhood?”, so you shouldn’t have a URL that reads something like

Instead, you should focus on the most crucial elements of your landing page and its value. If you’re a plumber in San Francisco, something like plumber-in-san-Francisco or plumber-near-you-san-Francisco will be much more effective.

If you realize that your ideal URLs aren’t available, consider looking into working with a domain broker. This will allow you to buy the most relevant URLs for your company as well as sell any that may hold greater value.


Ultimately, your landing page URL should be short and simple. Strive to keep your URLs no longer than four or five words, and use historical data to learn about what searches drive the most traffic to your site. This will be your golden ticket when it comes to choosing the perfect keywords for your next landing page’s URL and content.

Anica OaksAbout the Author:

Anica Oaks is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. When working on landing pages, she recommends finding a domain broker to help with your URLs.

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