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Top Tech: 4 Benefits Of Launching A Mobile App For Your Business

Until a few years ago, the debate over the merits of mobile apps versus the growth of the mobile web was mostly centered on technical issues. These days, however, the focus has shifted over to user experience, and this is clearly an area where mobile apps have the upper hand. Take a look at the Snapchat social network, which only exists as a mobile app. Another example is Instagram; although this app has a web interface, it mostly lives in the mobile world. With this in mind, here are four reason why you should consider launching a mobile app for your business.

Extend The Reach Of Your Brand:

To a certain extent, a mobile app is similar to a nice piece of merchandising. In the past, you would stick your logo on ink pens, calendars and refrigerator magnets. These days, your logo can become a mobile app icon on the mobile devices carried by your customers. Naturally, your app can offer more functionality and benefits than pocket calendars.

Offer More Ways To Connect With Customers:

When you make an app available to your customers, they will have various ways of connecting with your business. Let’s say your customers travel to a remote area where they do not have roaming access to their wireless data provider. If they can find a Wi-Fi spot supported by fast satellite internet, they will still be able to use your app. With more than 2.6 billion smartphone users around the world, an app will greatly expand your company’s ability to connect with both prospects and customer.


Increase Your Sales With A New Channel:

Aside from branding and customer service, mobile apps can also be used as a sales channel. Even if your app mostly displays your product catalog and connects to your web shopping cart, you will be giving mobile users an opportunity to make purchases. You can also enhance your mobile app with special coupons.

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Improve Loyalty Through Special Features:

The best mobile apps provide more than just functionality, they provide value. A neighborhood pizzeria, for example, can offer permanent discounts to customers who place orders through the mobile app. The same pizzeria can also share Italian food recipes that are easy to make at home. The goal is to make the app more intimate and appealing.

In the end, although we know that the mobile web will never go away, it is clear that smartphone users are interested in using apps. Introducing your app in 2018 could be the best business move you can make this year.

Hannah WhittenlyAbout the Author:Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. For your fast satellite internet needs, Hannah recommends Future Vision.

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