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Worried About The Website Speed: Here’s All You Should Know

Imagine surfing up one of your favorite websites and suddenly experiencing a slow movement and hanging up your site? How do you feel? Totally exhausted right? Well, the same emotions are conveyed to the companies as there are a lot of things to consider when building up a good website. You have to look after the overall design, content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a lot more other factors. But among this, the most vital thing for your website is a performance which can be determined using performance testing tools to check out whether your site is ranking good or not.

You may wonder why is the website performance the most crucial thing? The reason is, it will turn your customers out if the website does not respond in less then 5 seconds. This can lead to customers abandoning your site which can turn into a loss while generating business. In this article, we will see how you can increase your website using some basic web development hacks.

What Is Performance Testing Of A Website?

The website performance gets to know how a website can behave and respond in various situations by testing the speed and stability of the website systems. In the present times, the customers are expecting a very fast and reliable online user experience from every website they visit and so if you make them wait for your page to load, then it is most likely going to happen that they turn towards your competitor’s website.

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The website performance is crucially important as the customers are generally thinking that load times are slower than in general. This indicates that you need to take some major steps in order to make your website load as fast as possible. There will be times when your website will experience more traffic than usual and you want to make sure that our server can handle the speed and massive crowd. The website owner is expected to know how many customers can their website handle until breakage. Knowing this data can help you implement the necessary software and website updates without dealing with any issues.

Why Is Website Performance Vital?

We are going to look at some of the benefits which can be achieved using these basic tips and tricks. Let’s begin.

First Impression Is The Last One:

While working with the web, the customers, readers and website visitors can make an instant judgment about you and your businesses. Therefore, if your website is loading faster, there are higher chances that you leave an impression to your customers in the first visit. It can be considered as a win-win user experience situation where your new visitor gets suddenly happy in regards to faster loading of the site.

Improved User Experience:

We have read a lot about the UI and UX design and how it affects our website traffic. We think it is one of the few ways that the websites can set themselves apart from the competition by just building a core good UX design. It is all about designing a fantastic and simple experience for your online visitors by giving them what they are looking for at a faster speed. That is the reason why the website load speed should be your priority when coming to the user experience. People visiting your online store expect something in return as quickly as possible which will make them happy and refer again.

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Slow Websites Can Affect Your Rankings:

Everyone is aware of how Google is self-confessed with the love of speed as it is striving continuously to make the whole web faster every day. They seem to be on a mission to make sure the internet is super speedy and easily accessible to the people across the globe. You can find out a lot more information about Google, load speed and search ranking to help you figure out how to maintain your website according to its standards. The relevance of the website page is also important when compared to the site speed as search queries can also affect the site speed signal.

Affects Your Site Conversion:

To figure out how detrimental your website speed can be, it is very vital to have a look at the figures os the people who are abandoning your website just because it fails to load within standard seconds. This can be a great number which indicates to understand how severely we should be taking this into consideration. The slow website will generally have a negative impact on your site user’s mind as they may lose their interest it and catch up with your rival website for a better experience.


How To Look After Your Website Speed?

There is a list of available speed performance testing tools both in a free and premium version which offers their own unique features to keep your site up to date.

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Google Pagespeed Insights:

It is one of the most trusted website speed test tool that allows you to grade your website on a scale of 1-100 as the higher the number the better optimize your site gets. In general, anything above 85 indicates that your website is performing very well. The tools generate a report for both the desktop and mobile version of your website and suggest improvements related to CSS and optimization of images.

Sucuri Load Time Tester:

The tool is considered as a quick and easy way to test the website performance from across the globe. It allows you to compare your site with other by grading from an A to F. The test generates reports which indicate how long does it take to connect to your site and also for one page to load equally. It comes with an attracted ‘time to first byte’ feature which displays how long it takes for the content to be sent back to the browser to begin for page processing.

Is The Website Speed Really Important?

Well, not always the speed is important if you don’t really pay close attention to your content. But, overall, with effective content and faster website performance, you can actually improve your rankings and increase customer engagement in order to generate more business. Keep Learning!

Stephanie DonaholeAbout the Author:

Stephanie Donahole is working as a Business Analyst at Tatvasoft Australia a .net and web development company also specialized in software development. Her aim is to sharpen her analytical skills, deepening her data understanding and broaden her business knowledge in these years of her career.

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