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15 Best Gadgets That Every Student Needs

Starting of college is a new era in the life of every student and they need the appropriate gadgets to make the learning process quick and less stressful. Here are some of the best gadgets student needs when they are starting a new semester.

1.) Smart Phone:

Obviously, everyone will be having this gadget, but you need one with enough storage space as you may need to download many apps helpful in your scholarly life. You can share texts, send audio and images to your contacts using the apps. You can use it as an alarm, calendar and set reminders for the work to be done using this smart gadget. You can opt for Apple iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S III.

2.) Air Pods:

When you are staying in dorm headphones are indispensable. You need compact headphones with longer battery life. Go for headphones, which will work with Android devices as well as iPhones. Apple air pods are a great option for students.

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3.) Kindle:

Time is gone for buying books needed for the study. You just need to get a kindle which will be able to store all the texts and contents needed for your semester. This small sized gadget can reduce the size of your backpack when you are traveling and help you to learn even on the move. Read the gadget reviews to find the best Kindle.

4.) USB Swivel Charger:

When you are using different gadgets, you will need extra plugs for charging. If you want to save your costly gadgets from power surge it is better to go for chargers with surge protection like Belkin SurgePlus USB charger.

5.) Notebook:

You can keep all the notes in the digital format in a well organized and easy to access way using the best notebook in the market. There are many gadget reviews that you can check out to find the best gadget for the student.

6.) Tracking Device:

This gadget will be highly useful if you want help in managing your schedule. You can manage studying, sleeping, eating and exercising schedules with the help of this gadget. You will be able to develop a good student lifestyle with a tracking device like Fitbit Flex.

7.) Power Bank:

This is a highly useful gadget for charging your different devices when you are on the move. Powerbank is rechargeable using any normal power outlet. Go for compact models with high speed charging like Anker ultra.


8.) External Hard Drive:

It is extremely necessary for any student to back up the files, photos needed for completing the projects, in case your laptop or computer stop working. There are hard drives which can be used with mobile devices and offers storage space not less than 2TB like Seagate Backup plus.

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9.) Key Finder:

One of the nightmares of students is losing their keys. It will be extremely difficult to search for the key with their busy schedule. Using a key finder is the best option. You can attach key finder to a key ring and you will be able to track the keys using the GPS. Read key finder gadget reviews to select the best one.

10.) LED Desk Lamp:

Desk lamps are necessary for working without disturbing others in your room. Go for desk lamps with brightness controls so that you can adjust the brightness according to the need. TaoTronics desk lamp comes with different color modes.

11.) Laptop Cooling Pad:

When you are using the laptop for long hours, the internal temperature may go higher and this can damage the device. The cooling pad can regulate the temperature of your laptop and protect it. The HAVIT Portable cooling pad is a good option with its portability and noiseless working.

12.) Selfie Sticks:

College life is incomplete without photos of your adventures with your friends. MpowBluetooth selfie sticks are sturdy and highly adjustable with a Bluetooth remote control.

13.) Printers:

HP Envy 5640 is one of the best printers for college students for their academic printing needs.  You can print, take copies and fax documents using this from your tablet or Smartphone.

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14.) Personal Coffeemaker:

When you are working late at night you can refresh yourself with the coffee made in your room with personal coffee maker. You can save lots of money and enjoy warm coffee any time you need. Keurig – K50 is easily programmable.

15.) Streaming Stick:

If you want to get some entertainment during free time you can opt for any of the best streaming sticks. Google, Amazon, Apple, etc., are some streaming options. It is very important to read the gadget reviews before you purchase any gadget.

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