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The Best Stock Screeners Online Are Available for Free

Stock screeners are a valuable tool in an investor’s toolbox because it allows them to look at set data criteria and find stocks matching that criteria quickly, because after all, we could use as much help as we can when it comes to investing. Stock screeners have traditionally been hidden behind paywalls and investment courses, but there is a handful available for free online. Each of these stock screeners is free but usually has a premium option as well. You should understand that real-time updates are generally a feature that is hidden behind a subscription. It is unlikely you’ll find a free stock screener with real-time information.


Finviz is at the top of the list for a reason; it is the most robust stock screener available for free. It has been mostly unchanged since it was introduced years ago and provides several ways to analyze data. Fundamental, technical, and descriptive metrics are all available. The only downside to Finviz is that it doesn’t let you export results without signing up for the Elite service. However, if you’re fine using the service online and you’re looking for a starting point in finding new movers and shakers, then Finviz Futures is probably your best bet. The paid Elite service offers real-time updates and can be worth it if you’re serious about day trading. Swing traders who manage trades over multiple days and weeks should be just fine with the free service.


Zacks Stock Screener:

Zacks is a well-known stock rating system, but they also have a free screener that offers basic functionality. It also provides more metrics than Finviz offers, such as being able to specify the exact figure you want to use for screening instead of choosing a range. For traders who want to export their ideas, this stock screener allows that for free. You can save screens and export your results to a spreadsheet to further analyze. While Zacks provides a lot of metrics for screening stocks for free, not all of it is available without paying a subscription fee. To see Zacks own proprietary ratings on stocks, you’ll need that premium subscription.

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CAPS Stock Screener:

The CAPS stock screener is sponsored by the Motley Fool, which is a stock analysis website. The screener provides fundamental and financial metrics and a star range that works a lot like Amazon’s rating system. Each stock has five stars that can be rated by the CAPs community to give a better idea of how good a stock pick is. CAPS stock screener is not as robust or as intuitive as Finviz or Zacks, but it deserves its spot on this list thanks to its community-oriented features.

As you can see, there are at least three useful stock screeners that you can add to your rotation. Try each of them out and see how you like them. There are pros and cons to each, depending on your method of analysis. If you like the service well enough, you might look into each paid subscription model the service offers for traders.

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