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Know The 7 Top SEO Tips And Tricks Used By Content Writing Services!

Considering the evolving SEO trends, it is evident that the content needs to be SEO optimized accordingly.  It is on this note that various content writing services have upped the game by incorporating several tricks and tips to ensure that the content has a higher SERP ranking.

Numerous SEO service providers make it a point to adopt these tactics to promote better user experience and increase the traffic. With the help of these tips, one may be sure of the guaranteed rise in visibility!

Know The 7 Top SEO Tips And Tricks Used By Content Writing Services!

According to studies, by 2019 about 93% of online experiences began with a search engine. This speaks volumes about the popularity of the online realm, doesn’t it? This popularity brought in the trend to have a mandatory digital footprint for the existing and potential clients.

Content writing companies all over the globe took into account this demand and started creating content optimized accordingly. One of the critical factors to consider while writing any content is that it should adhere to the SEO requirements. Search engine Optimization or SEO is a set of rules and guidelines, which if followed boosts the SERP ranking of websites. Thus, there is a need to use some top SEO tips to optimize any content.

However, SEO is not a rigid set of rules; instead, it keeps changing and updating. To prevent any black hat strategies, Google launches updates like Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Panda, etc. hence, with such foolproof version of updates, it is essential to keep one’s content SEO optimized according to new requirements.

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With the chaos and lean towards keeping content compliant with SEO trends, it is vital to understand why is there at all a need to keep the content optimized according to SEO norms.

Why Do You Need SEO Content?

SEO is as innate to content as is a digital footprint to your brand’s success story. Numerous researches have shown a positive impact that SEO leaves on any brand’s reputation. Here are a few points to explain why one needs any content needs to be optimized according to SEO guidelines:

Enhanced SERP Rankings:

Being included on the first page of a search result contributes significantly to elevate the rank of a website. With increased visibility, there will be more chances for client conversions.

Organic Search Results In More Traffic:

Studies show that organic searches account for approximately 64% of all website traffic. Thus, with SEO optimization based content, chances of drawing more traffic increase significantly.

Promotes Better User Experience:

Rankings often depend on the design of a website. Hence, with factors like mobile-friendly designs, low bounce rates, high time on site, SERP rankings improve. All these factors have a positive impact on user experience.

Now that you know about why you need SEO optimization based content read on to find out the trending great SEO tricks to get natural traffic. These tricks are applied by all content writing services to help you boost your website’s SERP ranking:


2019 Top SEO Tips And Tricks:

Google updates its algorithms frequently – while some introduce tiny tweaks; others bring in some serious changes in SERPs. Since ranks of a website have a substantial impact on the amount of traffic one draws, hence, it is mandatory to adhere to the white hat SEO strategies that stood the test of time.

Here are a few of them that all content writing companies use to get more visibility:

1.) Concentrate On Mobile-First Indexing:

Over the last decade, there has been a steady shift from desktops to smartphones. About 58% of searches are from mobiles. This shifting trend makes it essential to have a mobile-optimized content. Moreover, Google now considers the mobile version of any website to be its primary version.

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Considering user tendency to opt for mobile searches, rather than desktop ones, it is essential to optimize the content accordingly so that a website ranks better.

2.) Find Out How To Incorporate Voice Search Into Your Content:

By the year 2020, half of the searches will be made over voice. The increased smart speaker shipment and the complete dependence on the voice-oriented assistants have all contributed to the rising trend of voice search optimized content.

So, having a voice search optimized content would mean that your content would inevitably experience a rise in the SERP ranking. This is why all the reputed content writing services, are launching a new branch of voice search optimization as their services to let their clients draw the full benefit from this new trend.

3.) Bull’s Eye: ‘Featured Snippet’:

Contents featured in the featured snippet have experienced a 516% increase in organic search. Thus making it rank within the Google box increases chances of conversion rates. Moreover, with the upcoming voice search surge, it is becoming increasingly important to get in Google’s snippet box.

This is because it is highly probable that Alexa, Siri, Cortana will prefer reading content out of the box since it would reflect the credibility and originality of the brand. Hence, start-ups businesses often need SEO agency to guide them through this.

4.) Maximize User Engagement:

It is ideal for various SEO service providers to fathom user interest and requirement. This would mean that one can maximize user engagement and hence increase chances of drawing more traffic and decrease pogo sticking.

Going by the recent trends, certain features would increase the user’s interest in the website-

  • Use LSI keywords
  • Include relevant backlinks
  • Include various byte-size content
  • Incorporate videos, boomerangs, and infographics.
  • Easy readability

Along with high-quality, original, and informative content, various content writing agency incorporate the above features to make their content rank higher.

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5.) Gain Site Authority:

Thanks to the internet era, almost all the uses are well-informed and hence, cautious about the websites they trust. This calls for making your site and therefore your content trustworthy enough. One of the best ways to achieve it is to install an SSL certificate and also move to HTTPS. With such certifications, the website can gain quality backlinks from authority sites.

Applying these SEO tactics would help in drawing more traffic to the company’s blog and have a positive impact on the business’s turnover.

6.) Focus On The Best Practices For On-Page SEO:

The on-page SEO is a forte that one needs to master since it offers maximum chances at improving the SERP ranking. Here are a few tricks and tips as good practices for on-page SEO –

  • Mention a keyword 2-3 times in content since keyword stuffing goes against the Google updates
  • Make sure that the content has readers as its targeted audience and not the crawlers.
  • The keyword should appear in the title, meta description, image alt-tags, and URL slugs.

7.) Find Out How To Link Between Social Media Sites And Your Content:

Considering the importance of social media platforms in 2019, any content needs to have a social presence. With the change in searching habits and platforms, it is ideal that any content is made popular through re-shares and re-tweets to reach out to the most audience. This may increase the chances of gaining quality potential clients.

Thus, apart from the best SEO tools to help new webmasters, the top SEO tips mentioned above can help any content achieve a high SERP ranking which will a positive impact on the prospective clientele.

Subhodip DasAbout the Author:

Subhodip Das is the founder of a leading content writing company. His agency is developing a worldwide clientele base on account of its high quality, original, and cost-effective services. His love and knack towards the content writing realm, has helped him achieve his position as a prominent entrepreneur in the content industry.

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